Innovating new offerings for the industry

28 December 2020 | Views

Despite the ongoing crisis, the biosuppliers sector has stayed focused on developing and delivering the required consumables, reagents, equipment etc. in this fight against COVID-19. While few players are still reviving their business plans, others are innovating new offerings for the industry. BioSpectrum brings out the upcoming plans of the biosuppliers industry for 2021.


“Addressing growing pharma concerns of new impurities”


As one of the leading partners for the life sciences industry, our focus remains on bio-therapeutics and helping the industry find solutions to combat well known and emerging diseases. As the Indian government increases focus on the sector, and India develops new technology parks, the life sciences industry is poised for good growth. Also, Agilent has recently launched certain unique technologies like the Vaya Raman system for contamination tracing, as its area of focus. Life sciences companies are facing the emergence of certain new impurities, such as nitrosamines. We have also established products and solutions to address these growing complexities by creating mass spectrometry systems and laying our focus on bio-pharmacy, and smart labs. Furthermore, the power of innovative analytical technologies, guided workflow and software libraries are helping our customers to analyze the entire product lifecycle and define the root cause of genotoxic impurities.

Bharat Bhardwaj, Country General Manager – India, Agilent Technologies, New Delhi




“Awaiting to revive growth plans”


Before COVID-19 impacted, BD South Asia was on a growth path with several investments lined up. We had put them on hold to navigate through the crisis. We are eagerly awaiting to revive these plans and get back to a growth path.


Pavan Mocherla, Managing Director, BD India/South Asia, Gurugram



“Actively evaluating overall supply chain”


As a global provider of tools and equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry, we remain committed to providing the necessary research tools and reagents, diagnostic products, therapy manufacturing products and vaccine development products that aid the fight against this novel virus. Employee safety will remain a top priority. We will continue to support our customers in India working on COVID-19 projects and life-saving therapies. Our 59 manufacturing sites and more than 100 distribution centres around the world remain operational to serve our customers in these difficult times. Our global task force is mobilized to actively evaluate the overall supply chain of both our products and key raw materials to mitigate any potential disruption. Leveraging business continuity plans, we remain dedicated to serving our customers and sharing our expertise through skill development in high-end technology to aid in scientific response to future disease situations in the country. 


Sunil Punjabi, Country Speaker and Head of Research Solutions, Merck India, Bengaluru




“Developing omni channels and tools”


The pandemic has been a great burning platform to drive change. Digital transformation has been accelerated by at least 3-4 years. The fundamental ways that teams across the company work will change. I personally see that in online meetings, more opinions and views are heard, thanks to the chat functions as opposed to in person meetings where only one person’s opinions can be heard at a time, making these interactions richer and more democratic. A deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of the products and processes will be developed, with a focus on delivery, supply chain stability, business continuity planning from end-to-end. Companies will create and develop omni channels and tools as they seek to interact, communicate, train, support and sell to their customers.


Chetan Makam, Managing Director, Terumo Penpol, Thiruvananthapuram



“Churning out best molecular diagnostic solutions”


The clinical diagnostics sector has made a major leapfrog jump to molecular diagnostics during COVID-19 pandemic. We have invested in molecular biology R&D over the last 14 years. Post the pandemic, HiMedia started to focus on churning out the best molecular solutions from HiGenoMB for delivering on the opportunities in the diagnostic sector rather than on focusing on the areas like academics and research, which closed down during the pandemic. We have received a very prestigious grant of Rs 25 crore from the National Biopharma Mission to develop Chemically Defined Serum Free Media (CDSFM) to grow CHO/NS0 cells for production of monoclonal antibodies, which are the magic bullets for the treatment of cancers and many chronic diseases. Additionally our media for T-cell expansion for CAR-T cell therapy is also ready and this is very much needed for anti- cancer treatment using cutting edge cell based therapies. We plan to expand our horizons by reaching every country with sensitive, innovative and user- friendly molecular diagnostic solutions.


Dr Gangadhar M. Warke, Founder and CMD, HiMedia Laboratories, Mumbai




"Working to support cold storage needs for COVID-19 vaccines"

The fight against COVID-19 pandemic will not end with the vaccine. Today’s pharmaceutical pipelines increasingly require a cold supply chain with end-to-end temperature management and strict conformance to regulatory guidelines. Having a better forecasting mechanism jointly between the private sectors and the government to look at end-to-end planning process and start feeding that into our global supply chain, would make it possible  to  address the dynamic needs of the country. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been designing and manufacturing cold storage solutions globally for more than 50 years. We recognized very early on that there would be an increase in the need for cold storage products and began increasing our production of our ultra-low storage freezers to manage demand and ensure availability. In India, we are working with several state medical councils to support their cold storage needs and the effective distribution & last mile storage of Covid-19 vaccines. With several vaccine candidates on the horizon and each with varying storage requirements, we are proud to be uniquely positioned to respond to the cold storage needs of the COVID-19 vaccines.


Amit Chopra, Managing Director, Thermo Fisher Scientific, India and South Asia, Mumbai




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