Sunday, 17 February 2019

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  • Industry reacts to Interim Budget 2019-20

    Opinion |  News | 0 Comment | 01 Feb, 2019

    Interim Budget 2019-20 has been presented in the Parliament by the Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, Railways & Coal, Piyush Goyal. He said through the world’s large...Read more

  • Healthcare Industry expectations from Budget 2019

    Opinion |  Features | 0 Comment | 25 Jan, 2019

    BioSpectrum connected with healthcare experts to find out about their expectations from the upcoming budget 2019.   As a country, we need to substantially increase our Healthcar...Read more

  • Expectations from Budget 2019- Dr. Somesh Mittal

    Opinion |  Views | 0 Comment | 25 Jan, 2019

    This year, I expect the Government introduce measures in order to improve the quality of healthcare and make it more affordable. For example, introduction of Artificial Intelligence facilit...Read more

  • Expectations from Budget 2019- Abhi Gholap

    Opinion |  Views | 0 Comment | 25 Jan, 2019

    The concept of ‘Make in India’ by the Government was much admired initiative, but now they should also initiate ‘Make in India and Use in India’ a Must effort too. S...Read more

  • Expectations from Budget 2019- Manish Sacheti

    Opinion |  Views | 0 Comment | 25 Jan, 2019

    Healthcare services should be made "zero-rated" under GST provisions instead of being exempted such that the cost of inputs throughout the industry can further be reduced by claiming refund...Read more

  • Expectations from Budget 2019- Shreeraj Deshpande

    Opinion |  Views | 0 Comment | 25 Jan, 2019

    The Union Budget 2019-20 holds many expectations even as India's domestic economy is going through a critical phase of growth. Each year during the pre-Budget time, the Indi...Read more

  • Expectations from Budget 2019- Dr. BS Ajaikumar

    Opinion |  Views | 0 Comment | 25 Jan, 2019

    As a country, we need to substantially increase our Healthcare budgets. Our per person average healthcare spend is 85$ which is amongst the lowest if compared to other countries. ...Read more

  • 'Genetic testing will take center stage in 2019,' opines Mr. Amol Naikawadi

    Opinion |  Features | 0 Comment | 31 Dec, 2018

    As the year 2018 comes to an end, Indus Health Plus, a pioneer in the preventive healthcare sector shares its view on a year that was and the upcoming year 2019. Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Joint ...Read more

  • Year ahead expectation quote- Healthcare Industry

    Opinion |  Features | By Mr. Arindam Haldar, CEO- SRL Diagnostics | 0 Comment | 31 Dec, 2018

    “When it comes to the year ahead the healthcare fraternity’s expectations encompass new technology, investment, health programmes and public-private partnership. For diagnostic ...Read more

  • 'Top 11 Healthcare Predictions for 2019'

    Opinion |  Views | By Mr. Amit Sharma, CEO, eExpedise  | 0 Comment | 28 Dec, 2018

    Increased in Quantified Self: More and more people will be opting for the preventive care and opting for health monitoring mechanisms such as health apps and wearables and monitor th...Read more

  • The way forward for Healthcare sector in India

    Opinion |  Features | By Dr. Alok Roy | 1 Comment | 17 Dec, 2018

    As an experienced practitioner of medicine and a seasoned healthcare administrator, I have been keenly observing the change in the levels of awareness among the general public regarding hea...Read more

  • Embracing a big data revolution in medicine

    Opinion |  Features | By Badhri Srinivasan | 0 Comment | 05 Dec, 2018

    Like many other industries, healthcare is on the precipice of massive transformation due to the influx of new, emerging technologies. Many, including myself, see this change as an incredibl...Read more

  • Celebrating World Heart Day with the Experts!

    Opinion |  Features | 0 Comment | 29 Sep, 2018

    Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have now become the leading cause of mortality in India. A quarter of all mortality is attributable to CVD. Ischemic heart disease and stroke are the predomin...Read more

  • A new Global Roadmap is the key to quash cholera

    Opinion |  Features | By Dr. Davinder Gill | 0 Comment | 06 Jul, 2018

    There is a long way to go before cholera is completely eradicated at a global level. Providing access to safe drinking water, improving basic sanitation facilities, access to basic medical ...Read more

  • Medical device manufacturers are facing a lot of challenges

    Opinion |  Features | By Suresh Vazirani | 1 Comment | 04 Jun, 2018

    A lot has been spoken about recognizing the Medtech industry as a sunshine sector in the Government’s Make in India initiative. The move has been welcomed by the industry with open ar...Read more


    Opinion |  News | By Sunil Bhat | 0 Comment | 08 May, 2018

    Blood, the life line of our bodies, has three major cellular components: red cells, white cells and platelets.  Red cells provide energy and transport oxygen in the body.  In Thal...Read more

  • Addressing the Industry- Academia gap

    Opinion |  Features | By Dr Manbeena Chawla | 0 Comment | 06 May, 2018

    The evolving science in the biotech sector is leading to a demand for high-skilled jobs in India. However, a wide gap currently exists between the quality of human capital available and the...Read more

  • Is India poised to become a world leader in eliminating TB?

    Opinion |  Features | By Dr Sanjay Sarin | 0 Comment | 27 Mar, 2018

    Very recently, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi opened the Delhi End TB Summit 2018, highlighting India’s critical role in the global effort to end the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in ...Read more