Women Leaders: Changing the Dynamics of Corporate

08 March 2020 | Views

Chandra Ganjoo, Group CPO & Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare talks about how women leaders are changing the dynamics of corporate

Women leadership still remains a universal issue and a topic of debate although we are now more aware of the need to have women at leadership roles and also at the board level. Thankfully, India is one of the first developing countries to have enforced a quota-- Legally we need to have at least one women director on the board of listed companies. Also, Female representation has increased to 13% from 5% in the NIFTY Companies. But clearly more needs to be done and every stake holder has to take the ownership and more importantly the WOMEN herself has to come forward and take control!

Swami Vivekananda once said “Women education and the empowerment are not in the hands of others, the powers are inherently present in the women”.

We need to provide gender equality in education, in recruitment, in job responsibilities, in work environment and companies need to embrace the diversity and should put in place the systems and processes which will end discriminatory practices and create an environment which allows for equal opportunity and collaboration. Women don’t need special privileges, they need a platform to perform and a canvas to paint. The support from family is equally important and they need to believe in her capabilities and in her dreams. The most important factor in making women self-sufficient is her own willingness to pursue her dreams no matter what comes her way.

The Healthcare working group comprises of 78% of women however there is still under representation of women in leadership role. The qualities that will represent a powerful woman leader in the industry is her active participation within her own organization, democratic leadership, encouraging others and nurturing new talent. Increased visibility of women at the senior leadership will send a clear message that company value’s diversity of thought and expertise – this sets the tone for advancing their overall governance agenda.

In the present scenario, there are many Indian companies who have effectively demonstrated how women can play an important role in the workforce. Today in several sectors such as IT, Media, Healthcare and hospitality women have bridged the gender divide quite effortlessly through their resolute efforts. If your foundation isn’t strong enough, it will not take much time for the blocks above to tumble and fall. Let the mental strength be a priority for every woman so that it only empowers her to achieve all the things that she dreams of. Let empowerment originates from her.

My advice to women “Believe in yourself, if you don’t, no one else will”.



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