Genefitletics brings Asia’s first oral microbiome test ORAHYG

18 July 2023 | News

The molecular insights from the test would give an unprecedented view of functions of the oral microbiome

Genefitletics, India’s first direct to consumer microbiome startup, has launched Asia’s first & only oral microbiome functional activity test- ORAHYG that will unravel the deeper connection between dentistry & systemic health & open up new therapeutic avenues for transformative health outcomes.

ORAHYG sits inside the company's unique microbiome therapeutics as a service platform (MTAAS) platform- PROTEBA alongside company’s gut & vaginal microbiome functional activity tests.

The platform, working at the interaction of system biology & machine learning, has built a human biology model for oral microbiome. The system uses biological sample- Saliva to measure & analyse biochemical reactions at molecular level taking place at the top of the digestive tube- mouth. It further applies mathematical model, to determine molecular signatures predictive of chronic diseases, in order to provide disease modifying therapeutic interventions. 

The molecular insights from this test would give an unprecedented view of functions of the oral microbiome, their interaction with gut microbiome & impact on metabolic, cardiovascular, cognitive, skin & auto immune health. Customers would have an option to top this test with a gut microbiome functional activity test to get a transformative view of whole microbial functions & activities & their interaction with human host .

Based out of Kullu, Sushant Kumar, Founder & CEO Genefitletics said, “Mouth is the second largest & second most diverse colonised site for microbiome with 770 species comprising 100 billion microbes residing there. Each place inside the mouth right from tongue, throat, saliva & upper surface of mouth have distinctive & unique microbiome ecosystem. An imbalanced oral microbiome is said to trigger onset & progression of type 2 diabetes, arthiritis, heart diseases & even dementia." 



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