Xplore Health Technologies launches smart respiratory training device Airofit PRO in India

11 November 2022 | News

It takes vital lung capacity tests and breathing muscle strength and customises the training programme accordingly

Pune-based Xplore Health Technologies has come up with a first-of-its-kind respiratory muscle training (RMT) device called Airofit PRO in collaboration with Airofit, Denmark. Lying at the intersection of advanced medtech and modern respiratory medicine, it is the world’s first personal data-driven smart respiratory training system.

Possessing the ability to pair with a smartphone, Airofit PRO can truly personalise the breathing training experience for anyone making their respiratory muscles stronger, faster, and more efficient. Importantly, the device can train both inspiratory and expiratory muscles, another unique feature.

Essentially, the device works by subjecting the diaphragm and other breathing muscles to resistance training, an exercise involving resistance wheels providing adjustable but restricted airflow to the individual. To explain, since the resistance causes fatigue in breathing muscles, it gets compensated by muscle tissue growth thereby making respiratory muscles more robust allowing longer and deeper breathing.   

Offering 17 unique breathing sessions, the device has a real-time live guidance platform that guides a person through all exercises and sessions while tracking his progress derived from real-time data. Moreover, going beyond simple respiratory muscle training, the device also addresses other related aspects of breathing such as Respiratory strength, Vital capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and relaxation.




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