Karnataka focuses on avoiding community transmission on COVID-19

29 March 2020 | News

Majority of patients with Covid-19 will recover with medication and only around 4% of patients would require ventilator support, say doctors

Image credit- shuttershock.com

Image credit- shuttershock.com

While the country grapples with containing the spread of Covid-19, with the disease threatening to move to stage 3, which is community transmission, Doctors in Karnataka are confident that the State can avoid the potential community transmission stage. They are of the opinion that if the right combination of medical and socio-economic norms, along with responsible public behavior is achieved, the spread can be contained.

Dr. Prakash Kumar, Joint Director, Communicable Diseases, Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka said, “While effective measures to stop the spread of Covid19 have been put in place in the State of Karnataka, the coming week is very crucial for us. If there is a spike in the number of new cases, then we will have to scale up our efforts even further to combat the virus. We are not yet in the community stage, where there will be large scale spreading of the disease and in order to avoid that, it is very critical that the public respect the lockdown ordered by the Government and do not step out of their houses, unless it is absolutely necessary. Even if they do come out for essential items, the public have to maintain social distancing. Those people who have been put under home quarantine should strictly observe the instructions that have been given to them by the Health Department and behave in a responsible manner, so as not to allow the disease to be passed on to others.”

Replying to a query as to whether the State was equipped to handle a crisis situation, Dr. Prakash Kumar said, “Currently, all patients who are admitted in the mass quarantine centers and in the hospitals are being given adequate care. In fact, we have already had patients who have been discharged. The State is well prepared to handle Covid-19, even if there is a community outbreak. There are adequate number of beds and ventilators to support the team of doctors and medical staff who are working to fight Covid-19 and provide medical care to the patients. We also need to keep in mind that majority of patients with Covid-19 will recover with medication and only around 4% of patients would require ventilator support”

“The Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka is taking all steps possible to ensure that people who have been home quarantined remain indoors and as such has formed squads to ensure that they are monitored regularly and necessary instructions are passed on to them. The public need to understand that doctors, nurses and others who are responsible for the functioning of essential services are putting themselves at risk for the benefit of the public. Under this stressful time, as doctors, we urge the public not to ostracize them but rather appreciate the fact that they are working for the public. In fact they need to be encouraged so that they can continue to carry out their duties.” Dr. P K Srinivas, Medical Advisor, Ayushman Bharat- Arogya Karnataka (ABARK), GoK said.


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