What is a Mediclaim Premium Calculator, And How Does it Help You?

29 April 2021 | News | By Ankit Kankar | ankit.kankar@mmactiv.com

All You Should Know About Mediclaim Premium Calculator Calculating Mediclaim insurance policy premium is easy. Know about the mediclaim premium calculator, and how does it help you?

Image Source :IIFL

Image Source :IIFL

A premium calculator is an online tool that helps you to calculate mediclaim premium even before buying it. A premium calculator is developed to make the policy buying procedure easy and hassle-free for people with a busy and hectic lifestyle. The digital presence of the health insurance industry has eliminated the hassle of meeting with the agent,  visiting the branch office, reading a bunch of documents, etc. The online buying process of mediclaim insurance policy is simple and easy.

Benefits of Using a Mediclaim Premium Calculator

  • All the processes can be done online from the ease of your home. All you require is the internet and the browser of your computer or smartphone.
  • It helps you save time and money by excluding unnecessary steps such as visiting the insurance company office, listening to a policy agent for hours, etc.
  • All the hidden charges charged earlier by the agent after you have decided to buy the policy are also eliminated. The premium calculated is free of any extra charges.
  • The various add-ons provided by the insurance company can also be opted as per the needs and requirements that suit you before calculating the premium.
  • The insurance companies also provide various offers from time to time. You opt for an offer, if available at the time of premium calculation.

Leading companies like Care Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard, Go Digit, etc., have online premium calculators. You can visit their official websites and calculate the premium for your mediclaim insurance policy.

Important Factors Affecting the Mediclaim Premium Calculation

  • Age: The age of an individual plays an important role in the premium of a policy. As the risk of getting various diseases increases with the increase in age, the policy's premium also increases.
  • Add-ons: If you have opted for any add-ons depending upon your needs, such as international second opinion, air ambulance, etc., the premium of the policy increases.
  • Duration of the policy: The insurance providers are willing to pay a discount to an individual if he is buying a policy for the long term compared to that of the policy for a short time.
  • Coverage Amount: The coverage amount selected by an individual plays the deciding factor. The greater the coverage provided by the policy, the larger will be the premium.

When calculating the premium of a mediclaim insurance policy, various things should be kept in mind like features and benefits that you want from your policy, the duration of the policy, etc. If an individual is financially stable, he should opt for a long-term policy.

Hopefully, all the points given above will give you a better understanding of the mediclaim premium calculator. You can easily use it to make an informed decision. 


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