New patent technology revolutionises Pharma Ad-Tech in US & India

06 March 2020 | News

New technology is supposed to provide succour to Indian Pharma Companies

Source: Clarity Quest

Source: Clarity Quest

The Pharma Companies and the doctors have a unique relationship as they are interdependent with a common aim. The common aim further splits into dual — the primary is to alleviate pain and suffering and the secondary is to be rewarded for this effort. The drug industry expects a profit and the physician expects a suitable reward. This is where the former lures the latter to accomplish its aim.  

The Pharma Companies have been using the Medical Representatives (MRs), organising CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) and conferences to reach out to the doctors, and to educate them about the latest developments in the industry and their latest and upcoming products. Probably, due to the traditional methods of pharma marketing/advertising, the cases of unethical practices by the Pharma Companies have been reported. Therefore, on observing these mal-practices occurring for quite some time now, recently, the PM spoke up pointing out the crux of the matter.

Atul Sharma, Founder & MD, Healthscape Consulting said, “The issue of unethical marketing practices used by the pharma to influence the doctors by offering freebies to get their medicines prescribed, is indeed condemnable if it is really playing out contextually. The PM’s latest statement in this context has already sharpened a debate — whether the nexus is there or not — if it is there, it must be fixed urgently by stringent legislation to curb this unethical evil. This apart, there might be some other way round — like — the digital treatment, which has all set to revolutionise every landscape including healthcare and pharma.”

Evidently, the latest survey done by ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers’ reveals that the scenario seems to be changing fast with the advent of digital technology as 77% per cent doctors in the US have started using digital technology and suggesting and recommending an app or digital programs to their patients as well. A section of digital doctors has also emerged who are trying to marry digital technology with the healthcare and pharma industry in every sphere. But, the use of digital technology in healthcare and pharma industry in India is relatively at lower key, which needs to be embraced in full-swing.

“In the digital age when most of the pharma companies are embracing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and using digital platforms in the US, it is not happening in India with that pace, which must be here too. If a pharma company in India has not left the traditional marketing beliefs, this is the right time to make the transformation, and march along the emerging digital trends. Understandably, the use of digital technology in the marketing and advertising activities is bound to bring transparency in the entire processing” says Dr Harshit Jain, CEO Doceree — which is trying to address how pharmaceutical brands can use Artificial Intelligence to bring efficiency & effectiveness in Digital Marketing.

He further adds “Using Digital Marketing in Pharma Industries make the task of a Medical Representatives (MR) of reaching out to the doctors in a digital way easy, because it is becoming challenging to get face time with doctors. Using digital platforms, MRs can reach out to the doctors 100 times more, thereby cutting down on costs. Thus, what comes out — maximum output in minimum investment, with better control, if going digital.”

The new patented technology on Pharma Ad-tech developed by Doceree has been influencing the US Pharma marketing & advertising with its latest digital modules based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a faster pace. As per the latest trend, Programmatic media seems to be the only solution to increase the range of advertising & marketing and bringing in transparency.

Doceree also drives the new-age digital solution, which helps advertisers to bring personalisation, optimisation and measurability in their digital efforts. With better efficiencies & effectiveness in Pharmaceutical marketing, Doceree hopes to reduce the cost of Healthcare, which is becoming prohibitive for people around the world.


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