GOQii's India Fit Report 2024 exposes health crisis in making for women

08 April 2024 | News

Staggering 35% spike in stress among Indian women

image credit- shutterstock

image credit- shutterstock

In a revelation from GOQii's India Fit Report 2024 titled 'Thriving at Any Age: The Blueprint for Healthy Longevity', a shocking 45% of India's population hovers dangerously close to being classified as unhealthy.

The data indicates a stark health divide. In 2023, a staggering 59% of women were categorised as unhealthy, contrasting with the 40% of men, unveiling a significant health outcome disparity with a particularly distressing spotlight on the wide health gap between genders. The report also showed 16% of women fell into the obese category.

The health gender gap transcends mere numbers but it urgently highlights the necessity for targeted health interventions tailored for women. This underscores a compelling need to actively work towards closing this unjust gap.

Adding to the grave health situation is the fact that Indians are still continued to be plagued by stress, affecting the physical and mental well-being of individuals across all walks of life. The study exposes a grim reality where 26% of Indians report being trapped in the throes of work-related stress, while financial instability plagues 17% of the population. An even more concerning trend is the sharp rise in stress levels among women, skyrocketing from 25% in 2021 to an alarming 35% in 2023.

The report also indicate that there has been no respite from lifestyle illnesses. Over the last 3 years, they have been consistently there with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Thyroid being the four most common lifestyle problems among people in India.


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