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#startupoftheday 164- Centenarian Lifescience (Decode Age)

29 June 2022 | Features

Making 100 years of life a reality with BioTech based products & services

Inception- 2021

Location- Surat & Bengaluru

Domain- Therapeutics

FoundersDarshit Patel, Parth Amin and Rakesh Somani 

Total team strength- 15

Total funds raised- Bootstrapped in 2022

Investors- NA

Revenue generated since inception- Rs 60 lakh (7 months in operation)


Key highlights-

  • Launching of first range of products and achieving 1:10 ratio on advertisement to revenue has been one of the best achievements
  • Carrying out R&D and building revolutionary Microbiome test purely based on the revenues generated from existing products
  • Successfully establishing relationship with functional medicine doctors throughout India
  • Plans to raise funds
  • To educate the masses about longevity, to address the missing link - chronological age versus biological, to address that ageing can be slowed down NATURALLY.
  • To open a tech-fast, data driven platform and lab to launch and roll out the first of its kind - the gut micro biome test.
  • To take the products to market more aggressively and to be recognized as a leading health supplement product


Founder speaks-

"Lack of awareness and category creation had been the biggest challenge in this industry in India. Introduction of products that needs a lot of education was overcome using educational campaigns, doctor's meets, and webinars."

- Darshit Patel, Chief Scientific Officer, Decode Age



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