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07 March 2018 | Features

With a patented technology to its credit, Shrilakshmi Desiraju’s company has made a significant dent in the pharma universe dominated by large corporations.

After relocating from Canada to India, Dr Shrilakshmi Desiraju started Triphase Pharmaceuticals initially as a services company in 2009. She started her journey of innovation with Triphase in the field of Probiotics in 2011. The first big challenge that Triphase solved was in eliminating the cold chain from the Probiotics industry. It filed a patent for a new Platform technology by which Probiotics could withstand temperatures of up to 200 ++ degrees. In one single stroke the company had eliminated any need for cold storage.

Shrilakshmi has been involved in the strategic planning and implementation of growth for her current organisation. A state of art research and development wing for probiotic research at Mysuru and sales offices in south of India and in Prince Edward Island, Canada has been established since 2009.

“Substantiating our stride for excellence in the healthcare domain, we have our arms spanning around Probiotic Pharmaceutical products, and ingredients for both human and animal nutrition. The products are designed to help manage a disease with its range of probiotics, pre- biotics and specialty enzyme for the  Gastro-intestine, Gynecology, Metabolic syndrome disease areas”, explained Shrilakshmi.

Shrilakshmi has a MBA degree in Technology Commercialisation from University of Alberta, Canada, a PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry from the Vikram University Ujjain (M.P.), and a post- doctoral experience from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. She has a strong publication record in both scientific and business publications and is recipient of several international awards.

“Establishing an R&D company and being able to empower my people, has been the biggest highlight of my career. Initially we had a tough time getting through cold calls and in getting business accepted from the clients”, shared Shrilakshmi.

Under the leadership of Shrilakshmi, Triphase has successfully launched three prescription drugs in India since 2009 and three new ingredients in North American market. The three products, Viz, a probiosac for the cure of acute travelers and antibiotic assisted diarrhoea; Lactovag, for gynecological health; and trigizyme, for gastritis, are frequently prescribed by physicians.

Recently, Triphase has secured series A venture funding by a fortune 500 pharma company to develop robust R&D in the field of Probiotics. Although the amount has not been disclosed, Shrilakshmi looks forward to developing a robust R&D centre in the probiotic domain. “This  investment comes  in the form  of  a strategic partnership, where  in Triphase focuses exclusively in developing  new R&D products and the investor company  looks into developing the  new  markets for  the  probiotic  products. This funding has been made to enhance research in the Triphase proprietary temperature stable Probiotic platform and its related collaborative work”, explained Shrilakshmi.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Dr. Shrilakshmi Desiraju shares her personal side with BioSpectrum-

My Daily Routine-

Every day routine starts at 4.00 am with a long walks with my three husky dogs, guess that brings the energy to start my day. After the walk a 60 min self- talk time which allows me to get ready for the day..  During Work day  my 45% of the  productive time goes  in marketing – acquiring new clients  and or  connect with  old  clients. The rest of the time is divided between strategy making and execution. Evening is family time with my pets and more relaxed time for myself.

My idea of fitness and nutrition-

Very important, my day starts with a long walk and a very good nutritional breakfast. Both of which keeps the day very productive and active.

My favourite cuisine-

Italian cusine

My favourite holiday spot-

Cruise to Alaska

My idea of balance between personal and professional life-

Process and policy be at work or at home allows me to strike the balance between the two

My role model-

Elon  musk  as he uses failure to  be the step stone for his next success and  my Mom who has always  Inspired , helped me  to achieve  more than my real  potential.


List of awards-

  • Winner of Economic Times-Power Of Ideas, 2016
  • Innovation excellence award from federation of Karnataka chambers of Commerce, 2015
  • INDIAs Small Giant award for the most promising small and medium size company, 2014
  • Business women of the year awarded by e-Merg, 2014



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