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A pioneer genomics company is entrusted by multitudes of researchers across the globe for the past 10 years

07 March 2022 | Views

In conversation with Vikram S, Founder, Biokart India Pvt Ltd (Bringing Biotech Closer)

How did Biokart start?


Biokart India was started primarily as a distribution organisation, later pivoting into the services sector to provide sequencing services from 2013 onwards. We might be one of the few companies to own a Sanger sequencing and an Illumina MiSeq sequencer without raising funds – this itself we consider as a testament to the efforts and services provided by us coupled with our client’s trust in us. 



What type of services do you provide?


We currently offer a plethora of services ranging from Sanger Sequencing to complicated offerings such as ATAC seq or Degradome Seq along with single-cell genomics. Our routine offerings fall under these categories of Whole Genome Sequencing, Transcriptome Sequencing, Metagenomics to name a few.



What would you consider as a differentiator?


We ensure that every single client’s project is given individualised attention as well as providing our inputs and technical service to stand by the researcher’s goal, up to publication.


The major differentiator would be understanding and empathising of each project as our own.



Are any innovative developments or offerings being offered from you?


Innovation is the driving force for any organization – we continuously update our technologies and incorporate any new innovations. Recently we were also involved in the setting up of Covid Sequencing Facilities for a Medical Institute in Bihar. We proudly do say that we can provide the fastest TAT and the most economical costs for any screening-based sequencing for Covid Genomes currently.


We have also developed our custom proprietary amplicon sequencing panels which can be tailor-made for a wide range of applications. By using AI and ML we are in the process of developing robust analysis pipelines which can provide results from raw data at a fraction of the time incurred using conventional methods.



Views about the current genomics market and growth in India?


India is one of the most technically growing markets with a lot of researchers adapting the use of Genomics for a host of solutions or insights. The future of genomics is not only going to be limited to academically oriented aspects, rather the shift towards personalized genomics diagnostics. 






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