Stepwise process of adopting tech & automation in healthcare industry

01 March 2022 | Views | By Nikhil Kaushik, Managing Director, FortCaps

Automation technology is designed to make companies more productive by lowering stress

Tech & Automation offers a manufacturing paradigm that lets manufacturers increase production capabilities and achieve better results. The progress in technology has led to many modifications that the healthcare industry is looking to. Automation is not only about using Robots for completing the process but also how to effectively implement all the latest innovations into manufacturing and also to make sure that the overall healthcare facilities function properly. With the advancement in technologies and digitalization, the healthcare sector is set to become Automated. The main intention is to simplify the processes that are attached to the overall Healthcare. As per 2016 McKinsey report on automation, the healthcare sector has a 36% technical potential for automation.

From record keeping, insurance authorizations, billing, medical coding, everything has become an easy task. Every health care individual has benefited from this movement. As digitalization has become an integral part of every industry, Health care companies will be able to increase production and cut costs by adapting to it. Processing time will be less and this will allow the employees to focus on complex problems. Technology is not the only factor involved here; workers can also connect with machines and use their digital skills to accomplish goals. It will lead to paperless work; hence no stress of data being stored physically. Proper planning and a strong base for executing the Automation process is necessary, as implementing without proper knowledge might yield unfortunate results. As a result of all the efforts, the healthcare organization improved their revenue margins by 3.3%.

The task of adopting Tech & Automation in healthcare industries is a step-by-step process and it will need proper guidance to get it accepted by the company’s work culture. 


Standardised Manufacturing

By using computers to perform repetitive tasks, the first step to reducing human errors is implementing digital technology, which will indirectly improve overall performance. Robots can take place of humans and some latest technologies are advanced enough to detect the defects and this is the masterstroke by Automation for manufacturing of medicines and capsules. Robots and Automation will lead to more solutions than problems.

Data managing 

Every data is crucial when it is related to the health of an individual. Companies can store their data easily and an employee can access it by sitting in any corner of the world. Technology and Automation also provide secure platforms to businesses. All the data generated in the production process can be stored, and analyzed. 

Packaging and Transporting

Not only in manufacturing but Automation is quite resourceful in Packaging and Transporting. In future, most of the packaging would be done completely by Robots without human intervention. Certain technologies have made the transportation system more advanced than expected, as the heat and other factors can affect and degrade the level of medicines, the transport vehicles are made insulated and the tracking of vehicles can be done from sitting anywhere in the world.

Automated Scheduling and Appointments

Scheduling staff have to navigate software systems, doctor schedules and have to go through various hectic processes, while the patient is still on the line. Hyper automation has reduced the data errors. Virtual Chat and Voice assistants are also the kind of systems that the hospital staff can rely on. This will help enhance the interaction with patients as it will allow patients to schedule appointments, communicate lab results, file medical claims, etc. They can access their reports whenever they want to and can know the progress they are making towards their better health. 

Managing Healthcare workflows

Healthcare institution involves workflows such as managing and coordinating workers, remote monitoring, etc. Automation makes the process of assigning tasks more efficient and less time-consuming. Also, the healthcare worker can know about the critical data of the patient with ease as the Automation makes the process too transparent. This gives more time to healthcare workers to analyze the data and take action accordingly.

Automation technology is designed to make companies more productive by lowering stress. It will also enhance the work culture of the health care companies. The system is still being embraced by some companies but big businesses have already adopted it, and they are performing quite well. To upgrade their core systems related to manufacturing, Health care companies can take advantage of this automated system emerging from this Digital transformation. The products can be made of high quality by embracing PAT i.e., Process Analytical Technology, and this in return maintains the sustainability of the company.

From Quality Control to high-speed Manufacturing, more in less time, from optimizing costs to operational efficiency, every aspect has improved widely with the use of Tech & Automation. Robotics technology is one field that a company should invest in and it will bring a lot of revenue in the near future. More Research & Development have led to lower the costing of equipment and software and this has helped even the smaller businesses to adopt this digitalization.


Nikhil Kaushik, Managing Director, Fortcaps Healthcare 



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