We see ourselves as a global leader working in the arena of novel biologics

24 February 2022 | Views

Ahmedabad-based Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals excels in manufacturing and marketing of enzymes and enzymatic preparations, probiotics and nutraceuticals and also animal health has set a goal of ambitious plans in biosimilar space. Gaurav Kaushik, MD and CEO, Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals, reveals more about the company's future plans

Tell us about the company's journey since inception.


The company was established with the vision to develop and offer novel biologicals since its inception. Since inception, we studied production processes, ingredients (API, KSM, intermediaries) and excipients and worked on biological alternatives cost-effectively. Besides offerings,

we worked in the direction of educating the industry about the uses, benefits of taking this biological into their production processes. We received an overwhelming response from the industrial, pharmaceutical and healthcare segments. So that’s our journey started with a clear

vision as a key player in the biopharmaceutical sector.


What will be the company's latest innovations in enzymes, enzymatic preparations, probiotics, nutraceuticals, and animal healthcare?

The company’s latest innovations include developing and offering vegan alternatives of some key large groups of animal-based enzymes offering more bioactive and biosimilars for the nutraceutical segment. Isolating and developing a new strain of probiotics and developing concept-based and clinically proven probiotic and enzymatic premixes.


In the animal healthcare sector, our innovations are again into biologicals by offering nutrition-based products. Targeting abuse and excessive use of antibiotics and non-effective synthetic medicines and drugs.


What are the emerging trends in the sectors?


We see biosimilars, novel vaccines, and day-to-day health supplements in easy consumable form as the immediate product trends for the next couple of years. The increasing exports attracting investment and cost competitiveness effectively support this trend. Target-oriented

probiotics and enzymes for therapeutic and other chronic diseases and malfunctions. This trend is also witnessing various functional foods containing probiotics, enzymes and nutraceuticals.


What will be the new launches in the pipeline?

In 2022 our focus will be on expanding the production capability and yield of this particular strain of probiotics. We plan to produce and commercialise this speciality probiotic recently isolated and characterised by us.


We plan to launch speciality probiotics and prebiotics - certain classic synbiotics. We are actively working on a certain vegan alternative of animal-originated enzymes and will be launching a few of them. In terms of infrastructure investment, we are building an advanced fermentation facility to scale up potential Probiotics, their culture, certain vitamins in Bbioavalaible form, and a few nutraceuticals imported in bulk from China.

We will also include and expand more immunomodulator formulations.

All these steps are being planned with an eye on our top line and bottom line keeping the business fluid and agile.


Which are your main export destinations?

The US, various parts of Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, and other 20-25 countries.


What challenges did you face during the pandemic?

The onset of COVID-19 was sudden, and the fallouts were tremendous. Individuals and enterprises alike had to be agile and respond by thinking beyond the conventional. At Meteoric, we ensured an uninterrupted supply of all kinds of essential ingredients required for COVID-19 medicines and formulations. The output and supply of essential ingredients were increased, and a very efficient supply chain was managed. We also developed and launched various immunomodulators, supplements and provided end-to-end solutions with extremely

short turnaround timelines.


How does Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals want to project itself five years down the line?

Five years down the line we will see our company as most prominent in offering a wide range of novel biologics in almost every sector right from pharmaceutical to every industry. We would be also working on offering potential bio-processes and working with biosimilars as a complete replacement of synthetic chemical processes. We see ourselves as a global leader working in the arena of novel biologics.


What has been your revenue for FY21-22?

In 2021, we registered almost 40 per cent of growth in revenue with substantial growth in probiotics and nutraceuticals.


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