'Top 11 Healthcare Predictions for 2019'

28 December 2018 | Views | By Mr. Amit Sharma, CEO, eExpedise

Mr. Amit Sharma, CEO, eExpedise shared his views on "Top Healthcare Predictions for 2019"

  1. Increased in Quantified Self: More and more people will be opting for the preventive care and opting for health monitoring mechanisms such as health apps and wearables and monitor the risk associated with their profile. Implement on lifestyle changes and devote time and money to stay healthy. 
  1. Providing Services in place of stand-alone products to meet competitive advantage: Service model from IT companies will gain prominence instead of selling of a stand-alone proprietary software or application in Healthcare & Insurance Industries. Buyers will be more inclined to get the product customized and developed to meet the current and future Healthcare market requirement rather making huge payment against the license fee of any other proprietary application owned by providing Company. This way they will not only own the proprietary rights but also own the software/application having minimal dependency on Provider. 
  1. AI to become mainstream for Tele-medicines & Primary Care:  Increase in demand of Tele-Medicines in underdeveloped countries or rural area, Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role and will emerge as mainstream to support the increasing demand. 
  1. Cloud base solution will be on high demand: The Healthcare Industry is getting competitive with the increase in the number of high-quality providers and completion, however, data security remains the main focus.  Also, an increase in the complexity of information and data and generation of huge data will require bigger space thus cloud will emerge as a core platform for all the Healthcare players including the insurance companies. 
  1. Increased data / Information collection: With the increase in usage of wearable devises and health applications will result into increase in data collections which will help in understanding the future need and design appropriate strategies and product. 
  1. Insurance policy with Wellness and Incentive-based program: Dynamics in Health Insurance industries are changing and new Insurance plans being launched with wellness services. Insurance companies and corporates will start rewarding its members for their wellness & fitness initiatives. Insurance companies can offer subsidized premium or any other monitory benefits to its member and corporates may include fitness as one of the performance scoring criteria. 
  1. Technologies: Adaptations of technologies in both clinical outcome and Service Delivery process.  Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Big data will play a major role in the coming years in simplifying the entire service delivery ecosystem and eliminating some of the manual processes. 
  1. Data Security and Privacy: With strict government guidelines and accreditation requirement, Healthcare player will be focusing on having a robust system to ensure security and maintain the confidentiality of the patient and members. 
  1. Digital Healthcare: More and more providers including hospitals and Insurance companies will move to digitization eliminating the paperwork. In the year 2019, it is expected that the around 30% of the process will be digitized and by 2025 complete healthcare system will be digitized. 
  1. Ayurveda & Alternate Medicines: The year will witness the increase in demand for Ayurveda and alternate Medicines, more people are opting alternate medicines and shifting from the modern clinical intervention to ancient Medicines. As per the study, the AYUSH Industry is estimated to be USD$10 Billion and expected to grow to US$25 billion by 2020. 
  1. Ayushman Bharat Scheme: the Year 2019 is very critical for Indian Healthcare Industry; All eyes will be on the newly introduced Health for all scheme “Ayushman Bharat Scheme”.  There has been the huge talk of this scheme and was introduced this year (2018) but the real-execution and implementation will be in 2019. 


        :Mr. Amit Sharma, CEO, eExpedise 


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