HealthCare Global Enterprises launches HCG Care app, first-of-its-kind in oncology care

22 March 2024 | News

Those seeking cancer care and information have seamless access to their doctors with this app

image credit- shutterstock

image credit- shutterstock

Bengaluru-based HealthCare Global Enterprises has launched the HCG Care app, the first-of-its-kind in the oncology care space. The app is designed to make expert, individualised cancer care easily, continuously and proactively accessible to cancer patients from wherever they are located.

The HCG Care app offers comprehensive digitalised services in cancer care on one integrated dashboard. It enables those with cancer to choose any hospital or day care centre of their choice within the HCG network to book doctor appointments. They and their caregiving families can share their medical reports, consult oncologists and interact with them virtually through a video call on their smartphones.

It empowers them to also access their medical records on the HCG data registry. New and existing HCG patients can learn about customised treatment plans, allowing them the flexibility to avail treatments according to their convenience. Through the app they can buy medicines, seek expert and compassionate counselling, as well as nutritional and dietary advice, and book home health services and rehabilitation care seamlessly.

Besides this, the platform enables the clinicians and medical teams at HCG to consolidate patient records and disseminate and analyse individual medical reports for improved care coordination. The app assists HCG’s doctors to leverage advanced data analytics for insightful decision-making and customising the treatment protocol, hence revolutionizing healthcare delivery to achieving best results.

The HCG Care app is built with the collaboration between HCG and tech leaders PwC, Salesforce, A&M, Kloudarc, and TCS to achieve digital healthcare transformation.


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