Ansal University hosts Respiratory Hygiene Workshop

09 March 2020 | News

The workshop addressed the pressing concerns of the Corona Virus

image credits: edu al

image credits: edu al

Sushant School of Health and Sciences and Healthcare Foundation of India conducted a workshop on Respiratory Hygiene at Ansal University recently.

Dr K.K Aggarwal, President Health Care Foundation of India, spearheaded the session and discussed the precautionary measures one can take to protect themselves from the prominent risks and viruses, including CoronaVirus.

With the growing concerns of Corona Virus and people being affected on a large scale, the University considered it their responsibility to conduct a workshop and create awareness in the society as a part of giving back to the world and educating them to prevent medical hazards. The workshop kick-started with a discussion on respiratory hygiene, entailed by a session on routes of transmission, various respiratory infections, air pollution and preventive measures to be taken in order to avoid being a victim of the viruses. Further educating the audience about the health laws and the procedure followed to cure the infection, including incubation, quarantine and isolation, the Padmashri speaker addressed the latest epidemics and helped calm the panic in the capital.

Dr K.K Aggarwal said, "It is our duty to create awareness about an individual's health and the risks and infections associated with it, especially in the times of health crisis; where people need external support the most. Educating masses and calming the panic by discussing root causes and preventive measures, we are honoured to have an opportunity to give back to society."

Dr Monica Chaudhary, Director, Sushant School of Health and Sciences, said, "Sushant School of Health and Sciences has always envisioned a healthy present and future for the society, and by this workshop, it is endeavouring to achieve that. Creating awareness of the nascent risks attached to the viruses, the session focused on discussion precautionary measures to cease people from falling victims to the infections. We, as a responsible educational institute, will keep striving to educate everyone and prevent health issues to the best of our abilities. Here at this workshop, we want to shed light on the growing concerns of this coronavirus, by preparing our students for future situations where they can support their patients not just with their medical skills but also their presence of mind and prevent panic in situations of epidemics.”

The workshop served as a success with specialised media and renowned names gracing the event and disseminating essential information to control the present-day chaos and panic due to health risks.


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