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ResMed India conducts educational training on NIV

11 February 2019 | News

This workshop covered both theoretical and hands-on learning on the application of Non-invasive ventilation

ResMed Academy which is the clinical arm of ResMed in India, conducts educational workshops for medical experts throughout the year in the fields of NIV and Sleep for education and patient benefit.

A one-day workshop on the application of Non- invasive ventilation in hospital and homecare environment was conducted by ResMed Academy on Feb 9, 2019, at Hotel ITC Sonar. It was attended by more than 30 chest Physicians/ pulmonologists.

This workshop covered both theoretical and hands-on learning on the application of Non-invasive ventilation across a variety of patients in various types of respiratory failure including Hypoxemic failure, Chronic care, NIV Guidelines etc.

Non- invasive ventilation is the airway support system through an interface such as full face mask which gives positive end-expiratory pressure and improves ventilation – and is very effective in managing various forms of respiratory failure, especially COPD.

COPD is a collective term used to describe progressive lung emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory asthma and bronchiectasis leading to breathlessness. It is one of the leading causes of deaths in India, especially during winters. A survey claimed 12 lac plus deaths in 2017-18 through both outdoor and indoor pollution. The most common causes and risk factors for COPD are smoking, second-hand smoke, fumes, chemical and dust in construction sites.

Patients benefit from NIV as it provides pressure support and which assists patient’s breathing to enable more volume to enter into their lungs in a shorter period of time. This decreases their work of breathing (WOB) which lowers their respiratory rate and allows more time to exhale.

The symposium was kick started by Dr Arup Halder, Consultant Pulmonologist, The Woodlands Hospitals, followed by Dr Shuvankar Chatterjee, In charge critical care unit, The Calcutta heart clinic & Hospital, Dr Pawan Agarwal - Consultant Pulmonologist CK Birla Hospitals Kolkata, Dr Ajay Sarkar, Consultant Chest Physician, Peerles Hospitals & B K Roy Research Centre, Dr Susruta Bandapadhaya,  HOD critical care & Consultant AMRI Hospitals, Dr Dipankar Sarkar, Consultant & HOD ICU, Columbia Asia Hospitals Kolkata who are experts in the field of Non- Invasive ventilation. 

Dr Halder spoke about the indications and Goals of NIV whereas Dr Chatterjee discussed its role in Hypoxemic respiratory failure. In order to spur this application, for the patient benefit or end users, training was followed by experiential learning on NIV application, monitoring and troubleshooting by Dr. Jaydeep Khalpada, Clinical Specialist, ResMed India

The workshop offered all stakeholders in the healthcare system a platform to learn, share and connect. The workshop brings together a multi-disciplinary audience from across the healthcare spectrum to share their experiences, ideas and break the conventional silos that exist in this field.

On the occasion, Dr. Chatterjee said, “I congratulate, ResMed Academy for conducting such educational workshop that sensitizes and improves the knowledge of upcoming doctors, hence increasing the adoption of NIV.  I look forward to more such initiatives by Resmed.”

Dr Sushruta Bandapadhaya praised ResMed Academy’s effort and said, “Knowledge on NIV is necessary for Doctors in both primary and secondary care Hospitals. The discussion/ training will give hands-on experience on NIV to aspiring doctors and can be helpful in avoiding intubation, especially with the patients who can be managed with NIV.”

“Such symposiums should be conducted as frequent as once in six months to continue the learning and hands-on experience”, he added.

A non-conventional ventilator which people normally believe can be usually used with the mask, maintaining patient’s awake fullness, ability to communicate and eat and drink. This offers the major advantage, avoiding sedation, and patient comfort, ambulation movement), patient recovery, decreased cost to the patient, early discharge.



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