Agilent offers cutting-edge advances in GC/MS and LC/Q-TOF technology

05 June 2024 | News

For advancing scientific discovery through innovative instrumentation

US-based Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced two new products at the 72nd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics. The Agilent 7010D Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System (as seen in the image) which targets the food and environmental markets, offers precision and sensitivity in gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Additionally, the Agilent ExD Cell for use with the 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF system, serves the biopharma market and life science research. 

The Agilent 7010D Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System (7010D GC/TQ) features the new HES 2.0 ion source, providing attogram-level sensitivity, unmatched robustness, and industry-leading uptime. Built-in intelligence, including SWARM autotune and Early Maintenance Feedback (EMF), streamlines analytical workflows and reduces unplanned instrument downtime, making it a reliable partner in navigating evolving regulatory requirements.

The Agilent ExD Cell available for the 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF enhances peptide and protein characterization capabilities by adding electron capture dissociation (ECD). With the trend towards increasingly complex biotherapeutics this meets the need for more thorough structural characterization.

The field installable ExD cell addon for the 6545XT is designed for researchers in the ‘discovery phase’ who are faced with diverse analytical challenges. ECD is particularly appropriate for the study of large proteins, fragile modifications, and isomeric residues – analytes which can be difficult to unambiguously characterise with traditional collision induced dissociation (CID) methods alone.


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