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Waters offers more access to MS with RADIAN ASAP System

05 November 2020 | News

The Waters™ RADIAN ASAP System achieves results in seconds after a sample is loaded into the system

Waters Corporation has introduced the new RADIAN™ ASAP™ System, a novel direct mass detector engineered for non-mass spectrometry (MS) experts to conduct fast and accurate analyses of solids and liquids with minimal sample prep. The RADIAN ASAP System’s high-quality, simplified and rapid operation, compact design, and powerful software capabilities for real-time data visualisation offers advantages and numerous test case scenarios for laboratories across a multitude of industries, including pharmaceuticals, forensics, food & beverage, chemicals & materials, and academia.

Engineered using proven and robust single quadrupole MS technology, and combined with a dedicated Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) source, the Waters™ RADIAN ASAP System achieves results in seconds after a sample is loaded into the system. Gaseous analyte molecules are ionised by Nplasma, guided into the instrument and separated by their mass-to-charge ratio. Users obtain real-time sample classification and quality assessment in less than a minute, without the need for a chromatographic separation, conserving the time and resources traditionally lost to sample preparation.

The RADIAN ASAP System is compatible with a variety of Waters software solutions, including OpenLynxMassLynx™, IonLynx™ and LiveID™. Notably, Waters has released the latest iteration of its LiveID Software, LiveID 2.0, in conjunction with RADIAN ASAP. Offering an intuitive, modern interface and easy-to-interpret results, LiveID Software continues to offer model building capabilities for classifying samples and determining their authenticity. LiveID Software now also offers real-time spectral library-matching for identifying sample compounds by matching their spectra with reference library spectra stored in the software.

Broad Application Use Cases

The RADIAN ASAP System’s automated set-up, streamlined workflow, and easy operation with minimal training offers laboratories a flexible tool to meet rising demands without sacrificing on analytical performance. Notable applications include:

  • Pharmaceuticals, to provide easy access to mass spectral data for instantaneous assessment of reaction progress and the identification of purification fractions;
  • Forensics, to empower the rapid, confident identification of illicit drugs against a library of known compounds;
  • Academia, to supply academic laboratories with a robust and reliable solution for teaching and method development.

Engineered by Waters in Singapore, the RADIAN ASAP System is now available worldwide from Waters.


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