Sunday, 27 September 2020

GE Healthcare unveils unique solution for multiplex imaging

03 October 2019 | News

Developed by scientists for scientists – first patent issued 2009 for this product

GE Healthcare launches Cell DIVE™ multiplexed imaging, an anti-body based solution that builds on years of research and development to transform immuno-oncology. 

“Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging is another example of our commitment to furthering access to life-changing biotherapeutics and diagnostics, ” says Emmanuel Abate, General Manager Genomics and Cellular Research, GE Healthcare Life Sciences.  “These are exciting days in immuno-oncology and we are early in our understanding in how a patient’s biomarker profile contributes to a therapeutic outcome.”

This technology was developed by scientists for scientists.  The seminal work started in 2008 and the  first patent was issued in 2009.  Over the last decade, Cell DIVE has been evaluated globally through multiple collaborators resulting in a library of  publications, presentations, and research.  The milestone paper, Gerdes et al, (2013) in PNAS describes the ‘quantification and visualization of heterogeneous patterns of mTOR/MAPK signaling proteins’ – tackling challenges in tumor heterogeneity.  All of this work  brings us to the present moment with 400 validated commercially-available antibodies and a robust solution reaching the market.

“The flexibility of an open system that allows for custom biomarker panel design moves us closer to a definitive diagnostic tool,” says Prachi Bogetto, Diagnostics Segment Leader, GE Healthcare Life Sciences. “This flexible solution also supports whole slide, region of interest and tissue microarray (TMA) imaging.” 

At its core, scientists will iteratively probe, image, and de-stain to capture thousands of spatial cellular data points from just one tissue image. With our extensive list of validated antibodies, scientists can customize their own panels and have the flexibility to stain and image as they need.  Scientists can have confidence knowing that our gentle protocol won’t harm the tissue sample. No stripping of antibodies or complicated sample prep required.  GE Healthcare continued its commitment to quality by ensuring this technology produces high quality image data through accurate registration and stitching technology. 


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