BramhAnsh Technologies introduces wearable biofeedback device for mind monitoring

12 January 2024 | News

The innovative device utilises the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) method

In a groundbreaking move towards holistic well-being, Bengaluru-based startup BramhAnsh Technologies has announced the launch of SOONYAM, a wearable biofeedback device revolutionising the way we understand and monitor our mental states.

SOONYAM is not just a device but a personal companion that offers real-time insights into psychological arousals, stress levels, mental effort, and more. Utilising the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) method, SOONYAM captures and interprets the electrodermal resistance of the skin, providing a comprehensive understanding of our mind's activity.

Unlike other wearable devices that focus solely on heart rate variability (HRV), SOONYAM goes beyond by tracking electrodermal activity, offering a more spontaneous and sensitive measurement of psychological arousal. 

The science behind SOONYAM is rooted in the correlation between mental and physiological reactions. By measuring the electrical conductance of the skin, the device becomes a supersensitive emotion detector, akin to a lie detector. The device is powered by a sophisticated software algorithm, providing live emotional feedback during counseling sessions and facilitating a deeper understanding of one's mental state.

Priced at Rs 4599, SOONYAM's tracking guide enables users to evaluate their emotional states by calculating positive and negative points. The bar graph visually represents performance, aiding users in making informed decisions to enhance their mental well-being.



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