Superceuticals unveils game-changing biochemical and biophysical analyser

28 September 2023 | News

SC-AN 2.4 boasts an impressive array of key features designed to revolutionise healthcare


Gurugram-based startup Superceuticals has announced the launch of its revolutionary SC-AN 2.4 product. With an unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare in India, Superceuticals has introduced this state-of-the-art diagnostic and telemedicine marvel that is set to redefine the healthcare landscape.

SC-AN 2.4 is a game-changing biochemical and biophysical analyser, employing advanced technologies such as electrical impedance, amperometry, voltammetry, cell counting, photometry, and immunological reactions with fluorescence assay. This kiosk-based system is capable of running over 85 parameters and delivering clinically validated reports within minutes, significantly reducing diagnosis time and human errors.

It boasts an impressive array of key features designed to revolutionise healthcare. One of its standout capabilities is its ability to provide instant reports, delivering results in as little as 10 minutes, ensuring swift and efficient patient care. Powered by cutting-edge technology, this innovative system goes beyond conventional diagnostics, incorporating digital health records to enhance the overall patient experience. In addition to its clinical benefits, SC-AN 2.4 also champions environmental sustainability by reducing sample handling, reagent usage, and the need for transportation.

Furthermore, this advanced diagnostic solution simplifies the sample collection process, requiring only a minimal amount of blood obtained through a straightforward finger prick, making it more patient-friendly. What sets SC-AN 2.4 apart is its accessibility, as it does not necessitate extensive medical training for operation, enabling a broader range of personnel to utilise its capabilities effectively. 

The recent launch of SC-AN 2.4 at Sonipat signifies a significant step towards automated, quality healthcare, providing patients with a holistic healthcare environment while saving them time and resources. 


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