GenElek Technologies to represent India at CYBATHLON 2020

27 December 2019 | News

GenElek’s exoskeleton will compete with 17 other teams in the 'Powered Exoskeleton Race' discipline

GenElek Technologies, a healthcare startup that develops exoskeletons for the specially-abled people, has been selected for CYBATHLON 2020, Zurich (Switzerland) being held on 2nd and 3rd May 2020. GenElek’s exoskeleton will compete with 17 other teams in the 'Powered Exoskeleton Race' discipline. It is for the first time that a team from India has been selected for the ‘Powered Exoskeleton Race’. Over 79 Teams from across the globe will come together in Zurich for CYBATHLON. The pilots for the exoskeleton race are ex-Indian army men who were injured for life in the line of duty.

CYBATHLON is a unique competition where specially-abled people compete against each other using the most advanced assistive systems. The latest developments assistive systems including wearable exoskeletons are put to the test at the CYBATHLON. The technologically-advanced assistive systems are pushed to their limits at CYBATHLON. Specially-abled people compete in specially designed racecourses that include solving everyday tasks like- getting up from the sofa, climbing stairs, walking on a slant path and rough terrain and many others.

John Kujur, Founder, GenElek Technologies said "Exoskeletons are externally worn robotic support system which enhances a human's limbic capabilities. With this technology, we help people suffering from paralysis, stroke, spinal cord injury (SCI) and other neurological conditions to meet eye to eye with the obstacles they face in their day-to-day life. The exoskeleton assists specially-abled people to walk again. It helps them become self-reliant and independent which does not only benefit them physically but also mentally. There is a huge possibility of assistive devices as they don't replace a human but enhance their performance. Also, increasing their employability.”

He added, “We at GenElek Technologies are on a mission to make this technology. Our model is lightweight and modular which will enable the physiotherapist to increase the much-needed care and standards of therapy required by the affected persons. At home accessibility to healthcare is also a benefit with our exoskeleton.”


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