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Meeting the soaring demands of Pharma & Biotech industry through electronic commerce

19 February 2018 | News

Being a niche area with varying purchase policies, the Biotech industry has been comparatively restrained in the e-commerce marketplace.

The Indian Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector is expected to grow enormously in the next few years owing to the new funding programs implemented by the Govt. of India to encourage research & manufacturing in the country. With this, one may anticipate increased demands for supplies to run R&D laboratories, diagnostic labs, hospitals & factories. A promising way to meet these demands and foster industrial growth is digitalizing the supply chains.

Modern digital transformations have been prospering in the markets for various consumer industries - cosmetics, food, clothing, electronics, ornamentals, pharmaceuticals to name a few. Being a niche area with varying purchase policies, the Biotech industry has been comparatively restrained in the e-commerce marketplace. In spite of this, since its launch in September 2016, Biomall.in, an online platform for Life science and Biotech laboratory supplies, has witnessed a steady growth at the rate of 30% month-on-month.

The portal (www.biomall.in) offers 200,000+ products listed from about 85+ brands to support chemistry, microbiology, cell culture, chromatography, genetics, and proteomics research. Many suppliers across India are associated with Biomall.in to promote their brands, launch new products and liquidate their stocks.

One of our regular customers from Aizawl, Mizoram, feels “Biomall provides good service at reasonable cost and time”. In the North East region of India, it is generally difficult to connect with the suppliers from every brand. However, through Biomall.in, with just internet and a call, the customer is able to connect with suppliers from 85+ brands. Apart from Mizoram, Biomall has been developing relations with consumers in various other states such as Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala. In addition to the increasing demands, the awareness of the benefits of purchasing online is expected to spread the business of Biomall in all corners of the country.

With the 'Make in India' mantra in the air, the number of Indian manufacturers for lab supplies have grown considerably in the last few years. Gracefully, Biomall.in is able to connect these lesser-known suppliers of chemicals, instruments, and other essential and accessory products & equipment to a much larger audience across India as well as overseas. In last few months, Biomall.in has been able to supply Indian manufactured products to laboratories working in the areas of research, diagnostic & hospitals based in foreign countries like Dubai, Italy, Kenya, South Africa, and South Korea. Through the routes of electronic commerce, Biomall.in has successfully promoted Indian products in both the technologically advanced as well as the developing countries.

Change is hard to conceive but even harder to implement. Older purchase and sales policies that have been followed since generations make the operation of a new concept in the supply business tortuous. Yet Biomall.in managed to not only set its foot firm on the ground but is now also moving modestly to give its full support to the vitally important and ever improving world of science in India and beyond.


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