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19 July 2018 | News

Established in 2016, Clensta International is a biotechnology based company with expertise in manufacturing waterless products.

Delhi-based start-up Clensta International Pvt. Ltd that has taken a patent for the innovative waterless shampoo and body bath, recently took part in the Global Impact Challenge (GIC) organised by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) and the US-based Singularity University (SU) at the Technopark campus in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Established in 2016, Clensta International is a biotechnology based company with expertise in manufacturing waterless products. The Company envisions at providing easy solutions for day to day health and hygiene requirements, while aiming to reduce the ever-increasing problem of water shortage. Clensta International has already come out with a resource-friendly hygiene product line.

BioSpectrum got in touch with Dr. Puneet Gupta, CEO, Clensta International to find out more about the company’s innovations-


1.  Please share the details of the technology involved in developing these innovative products.

Clensta has developed a Waterless body bath and shampoo that can be used by patients in hospitals, old age people, defence soldiers and adventure enthusiasts to maintain their hygiene while taking bath without water. A simple formulation which is free of alcohol, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), and any other harmful ingredients has been developed and can be used without water. The relative amount of ingredients and the ratio (weight/vol %) of every ingredient and its synergism makes our product different from a normal shampoos and body bath. Due to this combination the products are able to maintain the same level of cleansing effect without leaving the same high level of residue, which can hence be wiped with a towel/tissue without the use of water to wash it off. Additionally, our product has low aquatic & soil toxicity, strong biodegradability with lower rate of bioaccumulation. Furthermore, we have prepared our product using the ingredients that will break down in the nature with high rate acceptable concentrations, so that unacceptable concentrations of a surfactant or its metabolism are not generated in the environment.


2. What are the main challenges involved in the development of these products?

Every country has their own norms for induction of biotech/cosmetic products and therefore it was important for us that the selection of ingredients at early stage should comply global standards but that has been taken care of. The next challenge that we are facing now is getting all of these approvals. We are currently working on getting EU cosmetic License which would be soon approved.


3. How do you intend to make a difference in the field of healthcare through these innovations?

Personal Hygiene and water conservation are some of the most important concerns growing worldwide. While the impact and need for these may differ for different countries, it still remains an imperative international agenda. Another major concern worldwide is the wide spread of the disease through the mosquitoes. A waterless anti-mosquito personal hygiene product, be it a shampoo, or a body wash will cater to all of these concerns easily. While the impact on personal hygiene and diseases due to mosquitoes is direct how the product addresses water scarcity is different, it does so by reducing our per capita water usage to a very huge level to the extent that one 100ml bottle of Clensta Products helps save as many as 350L of water. The products can directly be applied to hair and body, massaged and then can be dried off using a towel. The product would not only remove dirt, oil, and grease completely but also provide a shining and moisturising look to the hair and body, the prototype of which is prepared and undergoing preliminary testing. At present, no such product exists in the market.


4. What are the company's future plans in the healthcare sector? Are any more products in store?

We are soon planning to launch our current products into the B2C market. You will be able to buy Clensta products online by next year online as well as in stores. About other products, we are currently working on a couple of new products. To start with, we are working on an Anti-mosquito Anti Microbial Waterless Body Bath, where in when you take a bath with this product, no mosquitoes will bite you for as long as 24-36 hours. We are also developing a Waterless Toothpaste with which you can brush your teeth without water, it would be a safe to swallow formulation.   



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