Shaping the Future of Anaesthesia and Critical Care in India: An Exclusive Interview with Shalin Patel, Managing Director of Draeger India Group

16 October 2023 | Interviews | By Ankit Kankar |

On the occasion of World Anaesthesia Day, BioSpectrum India & MedTech Spectrum delve into the dynamic world of healthcare and technological innovation. We had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Shalin Patel, the Managing Director of Draeger India Group, a prominent player in the medical and safety technology sector.

Shalin Patel, Managing Director, Draeger India Group

Shalin Patel, Managing Director, Draeger India Group

In this exclusive interview, Mr. Patel shares invaluable insights into Draeger's journey in shaping the landscape of anaesthesia and critical care in India. From their rich history dating back to 1889 to their current endeavors in promoting patient-centric care, Draeger has been at the forefront of transformative healthcare. Join us in exploring the pivotal role of anaesthesia devices, the infusion of cutting-edge technology, and Draeger's vision for the future of anaesthesia in India.

Draeger has a rich history in medical and safety technology. Can you share how Draeger's journey has evolved in the healthcare industry?

Certainly. Draeger, with a legacy dating back to 1889, has grown into a global leader in medical and safety technology. Our commitment to protecting, supporting, and saving lives is reflected in our innovative solutions. In the healthcare sector, Draeger provides a comprehensive range of technology solutions and products, including Anaesthesia machines, Ventilators, Patient Monitoring & IT, Neonatal care products, Consumables & Accessories, and Workplace Infrastructure capabilities.

Our products are developed to ensure accurate and dependable patient care, empowering medical practitioners for optimal therapeutic outcomes. At the forefront of innovation, Draeger is known for its advanced technology solutions designed to meet the demands of therapy and workplace infrastructure thereby promoting efficiency, reliability, and, most importantly, a higher standard of patient care.

In what ways do anaesthesia devices become central in critical care, and how has Draeger positioned itself in India to meet evolving market needs?

Anaesthesia devices are the cornerstone of critical care. They provide the foundation for administering precise and tailored care to patients undergoing surgeries and medical procedures. Generally, anaesthesia devices offer a wealth of information and data which are often not well contextualized and can thus be of limited use. At Draeger, our anaesthesia devices incorporate cutting-edge technologies, and intelligent algorithms to interpret the raw data and present it in a clinically relevant manner. These tools provide insights and alerts to clinicians, helping them make informed decisions during the procedure. Further, Draeger’s Atlan anaesthesia devices are scalable anesthetic workstations for all patient groups, and spatial requirements.  The comprehensive set of clinical features and proven ventilation quality make Atlan an ideal anesthesia workstation for challenging patients and surgical procedures.  Not only does this support error prevention in the OR, but Atlan workstations are also optimized for the delivery of low- and minimal-flow anesthesia. In critical care scenarios, every moment counts, and our anaesthesia devices are engineered to deliver consistent, reliable performance. As a company, we believe that advanced anaesthesia devices are not just tools; they are enablers of a patient-centric approach, ensuring that every breath matters.

With patient-centric care gaining prominence, how is Draeger leveraging technology to align with this shift in healthcare?

Technology remains at the heart of Draeger's approach. Our anaesthesia machines offer diverse technologies, smart software applications, helpful features, decision-support tools, and superior flexibility. Combined with our patient monitoring solutions, our anaesthesia devices bring patient-relevant data to the point of care and ICU-quality ventilation therapy to the OR, such as lung-protective ventilation and minimal- and low-flow anesthesia. Our Anaesthesia devices are equipped with advanced ventilation modes and controls, that allow anesthesiologists and clinicians to precisely tailor ventilation parameters, including tidal volume, respiratory rate, and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP). This minimizes ventilator-induced lung injury and improves outcomes. In addition, low-flow anesthesia approach, enables in minimizing the flow of fresh gas and efficiently recirculating gases, thereby reducing the overall exposure of the lungs to anesthetic agents while ensuring a more controlled breathing environment. These techniques are not only more resource-efficient but are also associated with benefits such as quicker recovery and reduced environmental impact. Overall, the goal is to empower healthcare providers with tools that enhance their capabilities and elevate the overall patient experience.

What initiatives has Draeger undertaken in India to assist healthcare providers in adopting these advanced anaesthesia technologies?

Draeger recognizes the crucial role of medical technologies in protecting patients and supporting treatment outcomes, especially in time-sensitive operating room scenarios.  Draeger, with a legacy in Anaesthesia dating back to the first Roth-Dräger anesthetic machine in 1902, brings not only practical insights garnered from countless operating rooms worldwide but also visionary concepts that shape the future of anesthetic workstations.

In the vibrant landscape of Indian healthcare, Draeger's commitment extends beyond innovation; it focuses on weaving a seamless ecosystem. Acknowledging the diverse needs of healthcare providers, our local teams engage closely with hospitals, clinicians, and healthcare professionals. The goal is not just accessibility but the seamless integration of our technologies into their workflows. Through continuous, networked monitoring, we enable uninterrupted surveillance, offering a customized and well-organized view of critical parameters. The seamless transfer of data into the hospital information system (HIS) ensures a cohesive and comprehensive approach. Moreover, our training and support programs are meticulously crafted to empower healthcare providers, unlocking the full potential of our advanced anaesthesia solutions. As a company, we envision a future where every aspect of patient care is not just met but exceeded, and our efforts in India are a testament to that vision.

Looking ahead, what does the future of anaesthesia in India look like, and how does Draeger envision contributing to this future?

The future of anaesthesia in India is both exciting and challenging. With an evolving healthcare landscape, there's an increasing need for precision, efficiency, and patient-centric care. Draeger is committed to being at the forefront of this evolution. We foresee a future where anaesthesia is not merely a procedure but a holistic and personalized experience. Our global research and development initiatives are geared to introducing innovations that will redefine the standards of anaesthesia care in India.

Any message you would like to share with the healthcare community on this World Anaesthesia Day?

On this World Anaesthesia Day, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated healthcare community, especially anaesthesiologist, who play a significant role in patient care. Draeger is more than a technology provider; we are partners in transforming healthcare. Together, I am confident that we will continue pushing boundaries, embracing technology, and redefining excellence in anaesthesia care, steering towards a healthier and more innovative future for healthcare in India.


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