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“We have aggressive plans to scale volume at Borosil Klasspack”

29 December 2021 | Interviews

Borosil has become an iconic brand in India for its glassware – from medical grade vials, solar panels to cups, saucers, plates and even kitchen appliances. Today, there are two listed companies – Borosil Limited and Borosil Renewables Limited. While Borosil Limited did about Rs 600 crore revenues last year, Borosil Renewable brought in Rs 500 crore as revenue and company has a strength of 1500 employees.

BioSpectrum got in touch with Vinayak M. Patankar, Chief Operating Officer, SIP Division, Borosil Limited, Thane to find out more about the company’s recent contribution in the life sciences sector.

Edited excerpts-


What is Borosil's latest offering in the life sciences sector?

The core offering is in borosilicate glass equipment, tubular glass primary packaging, laboratory equipment, tools & instruments.


What has been the company's contribution towards COVID-19 vaccines space?

Borosil Klasspack is in the business of manufacturing primary glass packaging and is a key industry player. It’s products have been approved as packaging for multiple COVID-19 vaccines. Given the magnitude of the task we were able to ramp up our capacities and support the pharmaceutical industry in meeting the demand for vaccines around the globe. Our borosilicate bottles made at our Bharuch site & Industrial vaccine stirrers made by Borosil Technologies played a significant role in the scale up of vaccine production. 


Borosil KLASSPACK manufactures glass ampoules and tubular glass vials. How many of these were manufactured seeing a high demand during the pandemic?

At the peak of the wave there was a desperate need for treatment injectables like remdesivir, dexamethasone etc.  Our sites were able to work round the clock and deliver 40% higher volume in our bid to save maximum lives. It was also a moment for the industry to come together and serve a greater cause of serving our countrymen and across continents.


You are also into the development of lab equipment from the Pune facility. Which new tech is being used at the facility and which products have been launched. Any new products in the pipeline for the life sciences sector?

Borosil Technologies which is based out of Pune has been concentrating on developing equipment, instruments and tools for laboratories. The priority projects currently in the Environment, Nutrition, Analytical & General Laboratory space. Life sciences is a space that we are very interested in and we will look at projects within that space in the near future.


What are your major plans for the Indian market? Any plans to open new facilities?

In the last few years Borosil has made considerable investments in Borosil Klasspack and in Borosil Technologies. We have aggressive plans to scale volume at Borosil Klasspack and have investments going into new drug delivery systems. Capex has also been planned for a new facility at Borosil Technologies where we will be moving to a space that is six times larger.


How has been the company's performance during FY20-21 and what are the future projections?

After the uncertainties in the end of FY19-20, the Scientific & Industrial business was able to display a robust & swift bounce back. The pandemic made us relook and realign the way we did everything. It has been a catalyst to improve efficiencies and redefine roles and responsibilities. The market presents opportunities for growth and we are very optimistic of double digit growth as our continual investments bear fruition.


What is the export scenario at Borosil? How much revenue comes from the export & domestic business?

Our exports from scientific products have been growing steadily for the past decade. We now export to over 70 countries. The export contribution is over 12% of total revenues. We’ve always been a company that worked with chemists in labs to develop products as such in the scientific space we will always be oriented towards India. The opportunity exists to emerge as the most significant player in the space just like successful companies in the west. For the current fiscal Export & Domestic businesses are expected to grow at 35% and 26% over the last fiscal respectively.


Sanjiv Das



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