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#startupoftheday 168- Reprosci Biosciences Pvt Ltd

19 July 2022 | Features

A full-stack femtech company for reproductive health & fertility care

Inception- 2021

Location- Bengaluru

Domain- Healthcare

Founders- Dr Ravi S Swamy and Dr Mahendra Narwaria

Total team strength- 12

Total funds raised- Rs 12 crore

Investors- A group of doctors from Gujarat

Revenue generated since inception- NA


Key highlights-

  • Transitioning to pilot commercialization and has just recently launched its flagship product i.e. Fertilator at European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) 2022 in Milan, Italy
  • India launch was at NASSCOM's Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum 10th Edition in July 2022 in Bengaluru
  • In its R&D phase which was between 2015 & 2019 the founding & leadership team had invested about Rs 20 crore in R&D
  • Plans to enable over 100,000 aspiring Infertologist attain Mastery in Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) procedures over the next 5 years through its flagship Medical Training Simulator i.e. Fertilator
  • Aspires to serve its Autologous Biotherapeutics offering Biologically Active Peptides Concentrate (BAP.C) 2.0 to over 10 million couples. The autologous biotherapeutic product BAP.C which has been served alongside IVF-ART to over 4500 women has been evidenced to deliver 88.6% Regeneration Rate and 48.6% Pregnancy Rate.
  • Now working on extending its offerings to Ovarian Rejuvenation and Male Infertility conditions as well
  • Through Fertilator and its associated Virtual Communities of Practice (vCoP) platform. plan is to enable the creation of the World's first Metaverse for Reproductive Health, Sexual Wellness & Infertility Care


Founder speaks-


"After nearly 5 years of R&D and 2-years of the pandemic, a successful commercial/revenue traction would become key to the success of the venture.
Outreach to patients and clinicians alike to be able to help them understand the value and impact of the products & solutions created would be the key challenge that the company is looking at overcoming."

- Dr Ravi S Swamy, Founder-Director, Reprosci Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru



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