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Role of applications in new age medicine

13 October 2017 | Features

The electronic data held inside the application on a restorative server is more easily available to be looked at against typical scopes of wellbeing.

Sensing the immense opportunities in a burgeoning technology landscape combined with his longstanding vision of ensuring quality and affordable healthcare to everyone, Dr. Maruthi Viswanathan founded RxPrism Health Systems Pvt. Ltd.

RxPrism Health Systems is a start-up that provides innovative technology products and services to global life science companies to engage their customers (doctors and patients) in a cost-efficient manner.

Built on robust ideology, RxPrism has been scaling new heights and pioneering the concept of digital healthcare marketing across the Indian healthcare industry.

RxPrism works with most of the top 20 pharma and medical device companies in the world. J&J, Pfizer, Sanofi, Abbott, Merck, Takeda, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Dr. Reddy’s, Mylan, Biocon, Sun, Allergan and Carl Zeiss for their clientele.

Dr. Maruthi Viswanathan shares his views on the role of apps in new age medicine.

As horizons expand beyond boundaries set before, technology is leaving no stone unturned. Be it construction or education every sector today is imbibing marvels of modern technology to reach new heights. Healthcare and medicine is no different. Application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems are being developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of human life. Although several medical technologies have been around since decades and are in the constant procedure of improvement, some most recent advances are changing the way prescription would be drilled later on. These advancements would permit medicinal practice from anyplace, whenever and from any gadget. These incorporate advanced cells, Tablet PCs, Touch screens, computerized ink, voice acknowledgment, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Health Information Exchange (HIE), Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN), Personal Health Records (PHRs), quiet entrances, Nanomedicine etc.

The healthcare providers are using applications to access patient information. This makes doing routine checks, such as rounds, much faster. Apps like CallWithDoctor plug the doctor–patient gap by breaking the clutter around communication and simplifying it through the medium of a Doctor Private Number (DPN) and yet maintain privacy for both the parties involved. Doctor Private Number is a unique 6-digit code assigned to the mobile number of every doctor on the CallWithDoctor app. Doctors can share their DPN with patients instead of their mobile number

Applications in technology have given medical providers new tools, made patient information available at few taps on screen of mobile.

The On-The-Go nature of these applications makes them relevant to medical practitioners for they are always short of time. These applications readily hold the majority of the data required, however they are additionally simple to slip into a pocket or doctor's coat. Instead of having many cumbersome organizers, one can have it all consolidated in one single device. Portable medicinal applications are changing the rules of modern medical landscape.

The electronic data held inside the application on a restorative server is more easily available to be looked at against typical scopes of wellbeing. This takes out human mistake and will likewise assist wellbeing experts with assessing patients rapidly. At the point when the doctor approaches the data promptly, it implies that if there should arise an occurrence of crisis he can rapidly audit restorative history and treat the patient in like manner. This is an awesome case of innovation changing human services in the most helpful manner.

Apt for the new generation, now time is money and people cannot afford to invest their time for collecting reports after checkups as the lab reports that would have taken hours and days to get are currently sent straight forward to the patient through the application. In case of any query the patient can immediately check and get clarification from the doctor on the report. With less time being spent on information collection and its maintenance the practitioners are better ready to concentrate on their patients, committing more opportunity to each. This likewise eliminates the requirement for such broad organization staff, accordingly cutting expenses there.

Instead of confounded structures, these gadgets have frames that can auto-fill pre-known data and give drop down menus. The data is then promptly put away for the doctor to get to. This electronic information stockpiling likewise implies that no records will be lost in the day by day movement of a healing centre, leaving almost zero space for human error.

Applications of future will be made capable of providing fault-tolerant technology so that they will keep the service uninterrupted even if certain components in backend stop responding. This will make doing routine checks, for example, rounds, significantly speedier. Applications keep the data well inside reach of the wellbeing experts on their cell phones. EMR frameworks likewise make having quiet data simple with a versatile application.

The application tools will not only help the doctor to analyse the patient better but will also allow the patient to understand his analysis better. The biggest advantage of such technologies is that it will create a database for each person being diagnosed and this history will be a great access point for cross references for any future related or unrelated ailments that patients will suffer. Utilizing cell phones can likewise give specialists access to each other to share data, make inquiries and workshop especially troublesome cases. This likewise enables them to ask for tolerant data and in addition plan arrangements.

A new breed of Health-Tech app developing companies has come into existence to tap this very potent stream. One can expect to see specialized applications to deal with patients of different age groups like apps friendly especially towards older members of the society and some that will make administrating medicine a lot easier to young kids. The future indeed looks very bright.


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