Wednesday, 11 December 2019

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  • New hope in the pipeline for autistic individuals

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Papiya Bhattacharya | 0 Comment | 29 Apr, 2019

    Autism is a lifelong disorder without many treatment options that often leads to patients requiring constant care and increased responsibilities for their family members. In the recent year...Read more

  • Modern treatment of patients with Crohns Disease

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Rahul Shah | 0 Comment | 06 Apr, 2019

    Crohn’s Disease (CD) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC), in short CD and UC respectively, belong to a group of chronic inflammatory disorders of the bowel, called Inflammatory Bowel Diseases...Read more

  • Interoperable devices: Golden Opportunity for Smart Health Ecosystem

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Pratheep PS  | 0 Comment | 28 Mar, 2019

    The medical device industry is assured for steady growth, with the global annual sales forecast to rise by over 5% a year and reach nearly US$800 billion by 2030. These projections reflect ...Read more

  • Health Experts commemorate World TB Day

    Articles/Features |  Features | 0 Comment | 25 Mar, 2019

    Dr Vishwanath Bellad, Consultant, Pulmonologist, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Bengaluru on the threat of multi-drug resistant TB, ”Drug resistant TB, a condition in which a person ...Read more

  • Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis- A global health concern

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Vivekanand Padegal | 0 Comment | 25 Mar, 2019

    Of all communicable diseases, Tuberculosis has remained a difficult challenge to overcome. It is one of the major communicable diseases challenging the health authorities in India and many ...Read more

  • The reality facing sinusitis!

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Dillon Dsouza | 0 Comment | 15 Mar, 2019

    The human skull is like a shell made of thin bones containing cavities. Some of these cavities are occupied by structures like the brain, eyes, ears, nose, while others are air filled space...Read more

  • Future trends in customer experience for healthcare

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar | 0 Comment | 14 Mar, 2019

    Healthcare is an industry that affects everyone, but one that has historically had a reputation for less-than-positive customer experiences. However, customer experience is now becoming a f...Read more

  • The way ahead for Mesothelioma

    Articles/Features |  Features | 0 Comment | 12 Mar, 2019

    Mesothelioma and stem cells: What the research says Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive form of cancer that commonly affects the lining of the lungs, heart, abdominal cavity, or the testes...Read more

  • Is cancer taking a toll on your fertility?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Mahesh Koregol | 0 Comment | 11 Mar, 2019

    A woman is born with the blessing of becoming a mother. At birth, she has her entire reserve of eggs, about four million. As she ages, her eggs decrease in both number and quality, making p...Read more

  • Cancer is No Longer A Death Sentence

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Kamran Khan | 0 Comment | 08 Mar, 2019

    Few words in the English language inspire as much fear and dread as ‘cancer’, and for good reason. According the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer caused 9.6 million fatal...Read more

  • Women’s day: 7 impactful workouts for working mothers

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Nachiketh Shetty | 0 Comment | 07 Mar, 2019

    The 21st Century mother is no more restricted to looking after the household work and helping her kids finish the homework. She earns a living too.  Amidst all the responsibilities she...Read more

  • Cryo-EM to ease the fight against most deadly diseases

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Amit Chopra | 0 Comment | 04 Mar, 2019

    Cryo-electron microscope (cryo-EM) is the new buzz word among the structural biologists. Cryo-electron microscopy, a technique which has won several accolades including the prestigious Nobe...Read more

  • How to Fix the Problem of Nerve Damage?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Mr. Vipul Jain (CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 01 Mar, 2019

    Nerve Damage Treatment- Different people have different kinds of experience with nerve pain. For instance, some may feel a stabbing pain, suddenly may be in the middle of the deep sleep or ...Read more

  • All about Congenital Heart Defects

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Nischal Rajendra Pandya | 0 Comment | 18 Feb, 2019

    February 14th is marked as the Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, in order to remember the ones born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). The term congenital is used for a condition pr...Read more

  • Did you know that Epilepsy is curable?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. NK Venkataramana | 0 Comment | 11 Feb, 2019

    Majority of the people are of the opinion that epilepsy cannot be cured, but this isn’t true. Epilepsy is curable. With the International Epilepsy Day commemorated every year on secon...Read more

  • Eye diseases treatment through evidence based stem cell therapy

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Vipul Jain | 0 Comment | 06 Feb, 2019

    Did you ever know that every time we blink,  we damage our eye! Yes, that’s the truth! A normal human being blinks on an average 12 times a minute; and with every blink the surfa...Read more

  • Advances in Total Knee Replacement surgery

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Siddharth Shah | 0 Comment | 22 Jan, 2019

    Total Knee Replacement (TKR) helps relieve pain and restore motion in patients with severe knee Arthritis. It is estimated that over 1,20,000 TKRs are performed in India annually. TKR surge...Read more

  • Alzheimer treatment by injecting stem cells – A breakthrough or a quackery

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Vipul Jain (CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 18 Jan, 2019

    Multiple types of brain disorders, including developmental disorders, psychological problems, and neurodegenerative disorders have stumped both scientific as well medical communities, since...Read more