Wednesday, 21 August 2019

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  • Cryo-EM to ease the fight against most deadly diseases

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Amit Chopra | 0 Comment | 04 Mar, 2019

    Cryo-electron microscope (cryo-EM) is the new buzz word among the structural biologists. Cryo-electron microscopy, a technique which has won several accolades including the prestigious Nobe...Read more

  • How to Fix the Problem of Nerve Damage?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Mr. Vipul Jain (CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 01 Mar, 2019

    Nerve Damage Treatment- Different people have different kinds of experience with nerve pain. For instance, some may feel a stabbing pain, suddenly may be in the middle of the deep sleep or ...Read more

  • All about Congenital Heart Defects

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Nischal Rajendra Pandya | 0 Comment | 18 Feb, 2019

    February 14th is marked as the Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, in order to remember the ones born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). The term congenital is used for a condition pr...Read more

  • Did you know that Epilepsy is curable?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. NK Venkataramana | 0 Comment | 11 Feb, 2019

    Majority of the people are of the opinion that epilepsy cannot be cured, but this isn’t true. Epilepsy is curable. With the International Epilepsy Day commemorated every year on secon...Read more

  • Eye diseases treatment through evidence based stem cell therapy

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Vipul Jain | 0 Comment | 06 Feb, 2019

    Did you ever know that every time we blink,  we damage our eye! Yes, that’s the truth! A normal human being blinks on an average 12 times a minute; and with every blink the surfa...Read more

  • Advances in Total Knee Replacement surgery

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Siddharth Shah | 0 Comment | 22 Jan, 2019

    Total Knee Replacement (TKR) helps relieve pain and restore motion in patients with severe knee Arthritis. It is estimated that over 1,20,000 TKRs are performed in India annually. TKR surge...Read more

  • Alzheimer treatment by injecting stem cells – A breakthrough or a quackery

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Vipul Jain (CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 18 Jan, 2019

    Multiple types of brain disorders, including developmental disorders, psychological problems, and neurodegenerative disorders have stumped both scientific as well medical communities, since...Read more

  • Chronic ear infection to drive Bone Conduction Implants market

    Articles/Features |  Features | 0 Comment | 15 Nov, 2018

    Bone conduction implants are medical devices that conduct sound through bone conduction implants by using the natural ability of the human body. Bone conduction implants are generally used ...Read more

  • Do diabetics need a health insurance?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Sujata Sharma | 0 Comment | 31 Oct, 2018

    Changing lifestyles are taking a toll on the health of Indians and preventable disorders are witnessing an increase like never before. Of these, diabetes is debilitating disorder that over ...Read more

  • Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in trauma care

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Amit Nabar | 0 Comment | 30 Oct, 2018

    Head Trauma is one of the major causes of death and disabilities across the world. This can be caused due a contusion (bruise), concussions, fractured skull or internal bleeding, and damage...Read more

  • Treating a stroke in time saves nine million neurons

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr B Jyothi | 1 Comment | 29 Oct, 2018

    A stroke is a neurological condition where the brain is damaged due to disruption of the blood flow to the brain. It can either occur due to a block in the blood supply or by a bleed in the...Read more

  • Personalized medicine for breast cancer

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Pramod Kumar Julka | 0 Comment | 23 Oct, 2018

    As we all know that the incidence and prevalence of cancer is increasing day by day. There is an increased interest of researches medical professionals and even general public in the field ...Read more

  • Advances in management of breast cancer

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Devavrat Arya | 0 Comment | 12 Oct, 2018

    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in women in India. Infact latest data suggest that in urban centres like Delhi and Bangalore breast cancer has now emerged as the m...Read more

  • Assisted Telemedicine transforming rural healthcare

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Ajoy Khandheria  | 0 Comment | 09 Oct, 2018

    At a time when the poorest 20% of the population captures only 10% of the public health subsidy in the country and there are newer diseases affecting more and more people in the form of out...Read more

  • 75% Indian Women shy away from Breast Cancer Screening

    Articles/Features |  Features | 0 Comment | 09 Oct, 2018

    Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Pvt Ltd (FGILI), in association with Momspresso unveiled the findings of a national survey which aims at understanding the awareness around brea...Read more

  • Can Stroke be prevented?

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. NK Venkataramana | 0 Comment | 28 Aug, 2018

    Stroke is a sudden catastrophic event resulting in loss of blood supply or bleeding into the brain and the consequence can be dangerous. It can lead to neurological dysfunction ranging from...Read more

  • Distinct perspectives on Life Sciences trends

    Articles/Features |  Features | 0 Comment | 27 Aug, 2018

    Life Sciences is a constantly evolving field. Staying uo-to-date with these evolutions, especially for busy executives who carry expertise and interests on these grounds is a task, yet it i...Read more

  • Manual on types of Cancer Screenings

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Tejinder Kataria | 0 Comment | 22 Aug, 2018

    One of the most important cancer fighting tool is prevention. Screening your body periodically for cancer symptoms is recommended, especially for some people who are at high risk. Getting t...Read more