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India to transform AYUSH into mainstream system of medicine

24 August 2020 | News

Mainstreaming Ayurveda – Developing AYUMED for India and the World

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As a part of the India Healthcare Week – Redefining healthcare ecosystem held last week, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized the Global Ayurveda Conference 2020, Resurgent Ayurveda: Leveraging Global Potential to develop cohesive strategies, cross sectoral policy dialogue and strategic exchanges to transform AYUSH into the mainstream system of medicine.

The Ministry of AYUSH has focused on the mitigation of COVID and have created specific strategies based on immunomodulation to help tackle the pandemic expressed Padmashri Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India in his opening remarks for the inaugural session of the CII Global Ayurveda Conference 2020.

"We have undertaken a study, in collaboration with the Delhi Police, were we provide a Ayuraksha Kit – and observed the results. The incidence rate of COVID came down up to 4 times in the span of 2 months with a mortality rate of 0.47, showing the strength of AYUSH in mitigating the effects of COVID. We need to move towards institutionalizing AYUSH, and the GOI through the union cabinet have approved the proposal of one pharmacopeia commission which will be able to deliver quality medicines We are on our way to achieving a 10 billion dollar industry", he said.

The Government of Kerala has a wealth of tradition in Ayurveda, very good practices, and we have been promoting and propagating the principles of Ayurveda stated K. K. Shailaja Teacher, Minister for Health, Social Justice & Woman and Child Development Government of Kerala during her address at the CII Global Ayurveda Conference 2020.In our Health policy, we try to blend all the systems of medicine and we give a special place to Ayurveda and integrating these principles and practices in our public health systems. She lauded CII’s efforts in helping to improve the production and selling of ayurvedic medicines throughout the world an in India. We need to move towards more scientific rigorous studies and document the entire process to show the efficacy of Ayurveda in mitigating the challenges of COVID. It is imperative that the Government of India invest more money in Ayurveda and move towards a PPP Model to push the sector.

Satyendar Kumar Jain, Minister of Health, Industries, Power, Public Works Department, Home and Urban Development, Government of NCT of Delhi expressed the importance of Ayurveda medicines and services playing a pivotal role in controlling the panic among patients during the COVID epidemic. Ayurveda wings will be set up in Mohalla clinics and we will upgrade the existing Ayurveda institutions to meet international standards.

Ministry of AYUSH joined the battle of COVID before the actual threat was perceived with self-care guidelines issued in the first week of march stated Pramod Kumar Pathak, Additional Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH Government of India. We have created an AYUSH inter disciplinary research development task force which will undertake scientific studies and  prepare the protocols. Under the guidance of this taskforce, multiple RCTs are being undertaken to test the efficacy of AYUSH to mitigate the challenges of COVID. With the cooperation from State Governments, we can control this pandemic, and post COVID,  we can create decisive strategies for the future.

Ayush Personnel and manpower, that have been trained and deployed, have been growing steadily stated Dr Gouri Shankar Prasad Mishra, Ayurvedic Medical Officer, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Odisha. Money has been devolved for the distribution of AYUSH medicines to front line workers and guidelines have been provided to provide medicines free of cost to the population.

As we go through the pandemic, there is a new resurgence seen in Ayurveda, which has translated to focus activities undertaken by different stakeholders. There is a sense of optimism that Ayurveda can translate this scenario into an opportunity stated Rajiv Vasudevan, Chairman, CII Group on Ayurveda and Managing Director and CEO AyurVAID Hospitals. We need to address the issue of capital availability for the industry, and it is imperative that we look at the funding requirements for the industry, the challenges in employment and skill development

The present and future generations will need Ayurveda and India to play a pivotal role expressed Dr Simone Hunziker, Director, Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy. COVID has shown that peopleare looking towards preventive care and are turning towards traditional and complementary medicines to find the required help. There is a need for inter-government dialogue and private sector to bring quality medicine in the market. For this, a fine coordinated strategy needs to be in place to approach the administration in Switzerland and Europe, guided by a senior country representatives to overcome these hurdles. Quality control of exports of ayurvedic products in collaborations with Government and private sector is critical to expand markets.

Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman, CII National Committee on Healthcare and Chairman & Managing Director, Medanta – The Medicity expressed the need towards the convergence and ultimately the fusion of allopathic medicine and AYUSH. Out of  India, will emerge the concept oy AYUMED which will bring to the table a strong science from both sides. It is imperative that we amalgamate the two sciences as it will be the biggest benefit to humanity.

The human population is passing through a grave situation of grave concern, we are sure as in similar past situation , the collective efforts of healthcare professionals will come out with tangible solutions with Ayurveda at the fore stated Dr P M Varier, CII Governing Council Member, Head of Kerala State, Ayurveda Panel and Chief Physician, Arya Vaidya Sala.


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