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Medvarsity, Tree Hospital to enhance emergency medicine department

20 January 2020 | News

The prime goal of the fellowship program is to strengthen the medical practitioners to be able to handle the emergency cases with precision

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Hyderabad based Medvarsity Online Ltd., a leader in online medical education, has partnered with Bengaluru based People Tree Hospitals to provide healthcare professionals with an advanced and well-structured Fellowship Program in Emergency Medicine intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject with a practical approach to students.

The 1-year course, 'Fellowship in Emergency Medicine' is a collaboration project between both the organizations which envisions to increase the number of emergency medicine experts, thereby improving one of the most important aspects of healthcare and impacting the Indian medical fraternity. 

The prime goal of the fellowship program is to strengthen the medical practitioners to be able to handle the emergency cases with precision. This also focuses on bridging the gap between the number of emergency medicine healthcare professionals (HCPs) in India and the foreseeable requirement for the future. PRS Legislative Research had estimated that India had witnessed over 5 lakh road accidents which killed about 1.5 lakh people in 2015. According to the most recent statistics (2018), the number of road deaths in India was observed to be 1.49 lakhs. Conspicuously, there is no substantial improvement in the situation over the period of 4 years even though 2017 had seen a fall of 3% compared to the figure in 2016. 

Despite the consistent occurrence of accidents and subsequent deaths, there is a significant dearth of emergency care specialists and services in India, which is because of the paucity of HCPs specializing in the domain. Evidently, there is a dire need for more HCPs with specialization and expertise in emergency medicine who can contribute in providing timely and high-quality emergency health services in the country. 

The course, 'Fellowship in Emergency Medicine', aims to provide a thorough knowledge and impart imperative practical skills needed from practitioners to improve the healthcare quality in the emergency medicine domain. Furthermore, it intends to exude competencies in triaging patients and identification & treatment of life-threatening emergencies.

The biggest advantage of having an established emergency medicine department with abundant experts is that it provides the healthcare facilities with adequate resources to diagnose patients, identify the main components of the problem, and initiate proper care at a very early phase of illness or injury. This increases the likelihood of the improvement in the condition of the patient, thereby increasing the speed of recovery to a substantial extent.  

The increase in the number of experts in the emergency care department can streamline a lot of operations in the healthcare facility. In the contemporary scenario of the healthcare industry, the specialist who is capable of treating a particular condition comes at a very later stage of the treatment. This is particularly because of the lack of expertise in the junior HCPs deputed in the emergency care department because of which the magnitude of time taken to diagnose and identify the problem is significantly increased, which leads to further deterioration of the patient's condition. On the other hand, the availability of experts at the emergency department can reduce that time, thereby pacing up further treatment and reducing the risk of deterioration of the patient's condition. 

The Fellowship in Emergency Medicine by Medvarsity enables the students to:

  • Enhance their knowledge and gain competence required for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of acute and urgent aspects of illness and injuries. 
  • Gain expertise in the treatment of life-threatening emergencies. 
  • Explore multiple career opportunities in the field of Emergency Medicine.
  • Gain ability in resuscitating a critically ill patient and performing life-saving procedures. 
  • Develop good communication and counselling skills required in emergency care. 

In addition to the aforementioned aspects, the course captures all the proactive practices that will help a physician working in the emergency care department to treat the patients better. 

The blended learning program has 240 hours of learning content and a 48 weeks of skill sessions which helps students gain comprehensive coverage of the subject. It also has live lectures and webinars by renowned clinicians. 

Any physician or HCP who has completed MBBS with internship and has MCI/State Medical Council Registration is eligible for the course.


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