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As India Battles Surge in Liver Diseases, Naturopathy Best Bet to Maintain Healthy Liver

19 April 2019 | News

Liver ailments are among the 10 leading causes of deaths in India, with fatty liver disease emerging as a rising cause of liver damage

Unhealthy lifestyles, stress and increasing exposure to toxins in food and water have in recent years led to a dramatic rise in lifestyle diseases including liver diseases. According to WHO, around 10 lakh Indians are diagnosed with liver Cirrhosis every year. As India battles a liver disease surge, adopting Naturopathy practices in daily life can go a long way in helping our population maintain a healthy and toxin free liver.

Liver ailments are among the 10 leading causes of deaths in India, with fatty liver disease emerging as a rising cause of liver damage. As we celebrate World Liver Day, it is important to educate people about the need for following liver-healthy lifestyles and natural liver detoxification practices.

Jindal Naturecure Institute has restudied and revitalised a series of natural liver cleansing and detoxification therapies that have existed in India for thousands of years. Everyday kitchen staples such as lemons, apples, berries, amla, turmeric, beetroot and grapes among others can become potent tools to maintain a healthy liver if used with the right knowledge and regimen.

Dr. Babina N.M, Jt. CMO, Jindal Naturecure Institute said, “Liver is an important organ with many essential functions including cleansing our bodies of harmful toxins. A number of factors have increased the toxin load on our livers. Regular consumption of processed food -- especially white flour, refined sugar, saturated, rancid and hydrogenated fats, smoked meat and alcohol are toxic to the delicate operation of the liver cells. Additionally, the presence of additives and pesticides in food, pollution, drugs and anger – all have negative impact on liver health. This is why it is important to adopt naturopathy practices in our daily lives as a holistic approach to our health.”

To follow these simple yet time-tested steps of Naturopathy not only help in reducing excess body weight, abdominal girth, blood pressure levels, but also improves liver and renal functions.

Sushma P.S, Chief Dietician (Naturopathy), Jindal Naturecure Institute said, “Some very simple solutions can help us maintain good liver health. One of them is Jindal Naturecure’s seven-day Apple therapy to cleanse the liver naturally and druglessly. This therapy involves consuming 6 to 8 apples every day for six days. On the sixth day, the patient must have no dinner but drink Epsom salt water at 6 pm and 8 pm followed by drinking a mixture of concentrated lime juice (200ml) + olive oil (125ml at 10 pm). On the seventh morning, the patient must consume tender coconut water, followed by Sweetlime juice, little Khichidi and curd for lunch. This is just one of the many wonderful natural treatments available to improve liver health.”

Nature Cure Treatments such as enema, colon hydrotherapy, mud bath, mud pack, abdominal pack, hip bath, partial oil therapy to abdomen, hot and cold fomentation to abdomen, and castor oil pack are highly beneficial for improving liver functions. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle and practicing yoga are other important ways to improve one’s health.



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