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KJ Somaiya College spreads awareness on community health

03 October 2018 | News

The aim of the campaign was to educate people to promote cleanliness and hygiene in the public places.

One week drive on the Government of India theme 'Swachha Bharat – Swastha Bharat' was undertaken by the students and the staff members of the ‘Biochemistry Department’ of K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, under the community outreach program from 24th September 2018 to 29th September 2018.

Six staff members and eighty undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Biochemistry Department of K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce contributed in this campaign. The idea was conceptualised and the drive was initiated by Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar, Head, Department of Biochemistry of K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce. Being a Biochemist by Profession she thought of contributing to one of the most prominent theme of the Government of India “Swwachha Bharat, Swastha Bharat”.

Dr. Samidha Pawaskar said, "By spreading the awareness about ‘Swwachhata - Community hygiene’ only, we can eventually attain ‘Swasthya - community Health’ for our citizens. And instead of expecting direct action, only from the government all the time, we can also shoulder our responsibilities whenever and whichever way possible and help our government, so that together we all can bring the required transformation in our society, which would ultimately be in the benefit of our nation. I hope our activity becomes inspirational for many other college and school children and staff members also, so that all the railway stations and other public places also can get covered. This way, we can prudently use some grants which our colleges get (under various schemes) from the government in the utmost benefit of our society’, she emphasized."

"As stated by the father of our nation ‘Shri Mahatma Gandhiji’ – a clean body cannot reside in an unclean city. This enlightening thought of Gandhiji enthused Dr. Pawaskar to choose to undertake this social campaign of spreading the awareness among the masses with the help of her five staff members and eighty under graduate and post graduate students of Dept. of Biochemistry. The main aim behind taking up this social and educational event under “Swwachha Bharat, Swastha Bharat abhiyan” is “Motivating young minds to take up good activities and use their subject knowledge in the benefit of the society,” she further stated.

"During Ganapati Festival, the incharge of Vidyavihar station, Mr. Ashok Nikam called me to ask if I can help him some way to spread such awareness at Vidyavihar station and we grabbed this opportunity to reach to the society and serving our nation in a small way that I thought I could, by increasing the alertness about cleanliness, community health, controlling pollution, railway safety, helping senior citizens, etc. which is the need of the hour. However, my thought was made a reality only due to a very very strong support from my staff members and all my students, who worked dedicatedly on my guidelines," Dr. Pawaskar added.

She also thanked Vidyavihar station Incharge Mr. Nikam and his staff for their help in the said drive and a very positive and appreciating response that we have received from the society.

The students painted various health and cleanliness related pictures and messages on the Vidyavihar railway station. Many passers gave very positive comments, appreciating the move and also seemed to be motivated by the messages painted by the students.

A street play regarding spreading the message for ‘Swachha Bharat – Swasthya Bharat Abhiyan’ was also scripted and performed by the students on the Vidyavihar railway station to imbibe the message amongst all the students and the society.

The aim of the campaign was to educate people to promote cleanliness and hygiene in the public places, which is the key to overall healthiness and the only way to bring happiness for everyone.

The campaign was funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, under STAR College Scheme.


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