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A majority of patients with covid to likely to have underlying heart damage: Expert

27 January 2022 | News

Experts threw light on various heart conditions during Health4All Online Episode-15

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Patients who have suffered from moderate to severe covid, 80 per cent to 90 per cent of them have underlying heart damage. Heart and Lungs are affected in covid recovered patients as part of post COVID syndrome as 15-30 per cent of patients are affected by it. This was stated by Dr Mohit Gupta, Professor Cardiology, GB Pant Hospital, New Delhi during Health4All Online Episode-15.
Dr Gupta added, “If we want to protect our heart, we need to balance three things – Diet, Exercise and Rest. A good diet is not only important for physical health but also mental health. A good diet for mental health is a positive thought.”

In the keynote address on ‘Journey of heartcare in India’ during Health4All Online Episode-15, Dr Purshotam Lal, Interventional Cardiologist, Chairman, Metro Group of Hospitals, said, “During covid times, regular heart check-ups are essential because the cases of cardiac arrest have increased significantly.”

Dr Satyender Goel, Founder, India Health Links, said, “Over 50 per cent of people in India are hypertensive, stressed and prone to cardiac diseases. Here technology can be used to educate on how most of the diseases can be prevented by access to basic healthcare education based on vital information."

Dr HS Bedi, Director Cardiovascular & Thoracis Sciences, Ivy Hospital, Mohali, Punjab, said, “One of the studies published a couple of days ago in the Journal of American Heart and a study from Norway reveals that asymptomatic cardiac patients had COVID. For cardiac patients ECG is a must; however, it is not available to the common man. Hence, we have to reach out to the common man.”

Dr Shekhar Kashyap, Former HoD, Cardiology, Research & Referral Hospital, New Delhi said, “Having a good diet with less carbohydrate, starch and fat are essential to staying healthy. It is also important to avoid overcooking as it takes away the nutritional value of foods. Ultra-processed foods are the real culprit, and carbohydrates devoid of fibres are harmful to health.”

Dr Mohammed Sadiq Azam, Consultant Cardiology, KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad said, “If you encounter any chest discomfort or chest sweating, go and get your ECG done as it is probably going to be the life-saver. The ECG report will help you prevent your heart attack.”


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