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Jaslok performs third highest MRgFUS treatments in the world

17 December 2019 | News

Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has been offering successful MRGFUS treatment for the past 9 years

image credit- neurologyadvisor.com

image credit- neurologyadvisor.com

Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, a leading multi-super specialty hospital in Mumbai, commemorated the 9 year long successful operation of their MRgFUS (Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound) center. This hospital was the pioneering medical institution to incorporate MRgFUS and they have performed the 3rd highest number of MRgFUS procedures in the world. Apart from being the first center in India, it is also the only center in the world doing near total /total ablation of prostate gland with MRgFUS.

As part of this milestone celebration, Jaslok Hospital organized a ‘Knowledge Forum’ based on the theme of raising awareness on MRgFUS (Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound). The forum was attended by senior doctors and medical practitioners from leading hospitals across the city and included an insightful panel discussion on the ‘Clinical application of MRgFUS’ followed by patient testimonials.

MRgFUS (Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound), is a technique that uses a combination of high intensity ultrasound waves and magnetic resonance imaging to provide a non-invasive alternative treatment to surgery for tumours. The uniqueness of MRgFUS is that it focuses the ultrasound energy to a small spot about the size of a peanut inside the tumor and heats that spot sufficiently to cause cell death. The magnetic resonance enables the doctor to detect the tumor and the surroundings in 3D. it also helps in getting a real time knowledge about the temperature changes in the treated areas and observe what has been treated.

MRgFUS can be useful in treatment of Uterine fibroids (Symptomatic fibroids, any size, number), Adenomyosis (Focal definable uterine adenomyosis), Facet arthropathy (Low backache due to facet joint degeneration), Bone metastasis, Benign bone tumours and Prostate cancer (Localized low risk malignancy).

A broad comparison between HYSTERECTOMY, MYOMECTOMY and MRgFUS shows that the complication rate for traditional surgery is 10 – 15% while for MRgFUS it drops to 0 – 0.1%. The hospital stay also reduces to just a day depending on the number of sessions and the recovery period is also merely a day as compared to 4 – 6 days otherwise. 

Since its inception, MRgFUS center at Jaslok Hospital has successfully treated enumerable cases namely UTERINE FIBROID (1525), ADENOMYOSIS (135), FACETAL ARTHROPATHY (180), BONE METASTASIS (9), PROSTRATE CANCER (7) OTHER BONE TUMOURS (1)

Jaslok Hospital aims to upload its reputation as the most respected medical institution of India, providing the highest quality patient care through state-of the art medical infrastructure and nurturing and delivering clinical excellence & research, and aims to raise awareness about such cutting edge technology led treatment options into the forefront and recommend it to patients due to its benefits.


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