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NNR treats 45-years-old suffering from Skin Psoriasis

24 September 2019 | News

Naturopathy deals this disease with the right diet, mud & hydrotherapy along with acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, and yoga

Nirvana Naturopathy and Retreat has treated a forty-five years old patient, who was suffering from skin psoriasis for a quite a long time.

Essentially, Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. In normal condition, skin cells grow and replace themselves in a month. But in the case of psoriasis, skin cells fail to do that and that creates painful conditions for the patients. Shroff’s immune system was to blame for this traumatic condition. 

Dr. Suunita, BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science) and Healer at Nirvana Naturopathy and Retreat, Igatpuri, said, “Shroff came to us with itchy dry skin, small bumps, inflamed and bleeding patches. He was also suffering from depression and joint pain. It took us nearly 15 days to manage his disease and make him normal healthy again. At Nirvana Naturopathy and Retreat, Igatpuri, first of all, we put our patients on a special diet to treat psoriasis. Our experience tells us that the right diet does a miracle in such a condition. Another important intervention was keeping the skin moist most of the time.”

According to a Global Report on Psoriasis by WHO, the prevalence of psoriasis in countries ranges between 0.09% and 11.43%, making psoriasis a serious global problem with at least 100 million individuals affected worldwide.

In modern medicine, common management of the disease includes prescription creams & medicines, UV light therapy, Sunscreen, Moisturizer containing ceramides. But in Naturopathy, apart from the right diet, the treatment includes mud therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, and yoga.

According to the naturopathy expert, several known factors can trigger the onset of psoriasis or make it worse. These factors include bacterial infections, stress, sunburn, smoking, and some medications. Consumption of processed and pre-packed food regularly could also be the reason. When the immune system attacks healthy skin cells, it results in Psoriasis.

Skin psoriasis has a severe effect on the quality of life and mental health. Naturopathy treatment can be truly life-changing. It helps a lot in winning a battle against pain, irritation, aches, itching and overall to get rid of a stigma associated with such a visual skin condition. 

Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat was established in the year 2014 by Life Care & Peace Mission with a purpose to provide healthy lifestyle to all health-conscious individuals and improve their quality of life through natural healing coupled with Yoga Sadhana, to stay disease free unto old age.


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