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Saince introduces novel healthcare platform Qural

29 June 2019 | News

The application has quickly attracted an active subscriber base of 10,000 users in Hyderabad alone during testing phase

Raghu Vir, Founder and CEO, Saince Health Tech

Raghu Vir, Founder and CEO, Saince Health Tech

Saince a leading healthcare software solutions company from Atlanta, USA has introduced “Qural” (pronounced Cure-all) in India. Qural is a free-to-subscribe, comprehensive healthcare mobile and desktop application to aid patients, physicians, pharmacies and labs interconnect with each other. The application enables easy and seamless flow of information across and between stakeholders, critical for patients as well as doctors.

Qural has a simple dashboard, UI and UX features that even a common man can handle very easily. In beta for a month now, this free to use app, is commercially available in app stores from today. The application is already having an active subscriber base of 10,000 users, is aiming to add 1,000,000 more subscribers in next 12 months. The company aims to launch the app in all major metros during the next 90 days.

Raghu Vir, Founder and CEO, Saince Health Tech, reveals“Qural is very different. There are several healthcare apps in the market but they all operate in a narrow segment, unable to address the complexities involving multiple stakeholder interactions required in healthcare delivery. Qural is an integrated platform connecting all stakeholders in healthcare delivery in an intuitive manner.”

“Even non-technical people will find it easy to use, and interconnect in real-time and grow their relationships. Although Qural is a free platform, we are very selective and careful about whom we on board onto this solution.” Raghu added.


Benefits of using Qural

Patients: Patients can search for high quality doctors and book appointments directly. They can also save their family’s medical information in a safe and secure location. Records are also shareable with their doctor through the app. Other utilities include ordering medicines from neighbourhood pharmacy including search option for labs. There are also  Health Calculators to help keep track of health. Healthline and HealthTube on the other hand keeps users informed and responsive.

Physicians: Physicians will have the ability to manage their appointments, write e-prescriptions and order for tests for their patients. Qural comes with an in-built electronic drug database which is a first in the industry. Doctors can also use the integrated EMR for documenting the patient care they provide.

Retail Pharmacies: At a time when major online pharmacies are driving the small retailer out of business, Qural platform enables the small retail pharmacy to effectively compete with these online pharmacies. Once a pharmacy sets up their account, they can immediately start accepting online orders and provide ‘take-away’ or ‘home delivery’ service to their customers.

Labs and Imaging Centers: For labs and imaging centres, Qural gives them the ability to accept and process electronic orders received from their referring doctor community. Once these orders are received, they can schedule patients and provide services thereby increasing patient as well as referring physician satisfaction.


Raghu Vir says “With Qural, we are effectively democratizing the technology and levelling the playing field. Unlike other players in the market, we connect each player directly with their peer.” All these retail pharmacies, once they come on board with Qural, will have the same technical strength as larger online pharmacies. Costs can also drop since patients can avoid frequent doctor, lab or even pharmacy visits.

Saince continues to invest in new technologies to benefit patient care and doctor communities. The company is promoter funded and reinvests its profits to augment its business growth. The company has invested over Rs.50 Cr to build the platform and drug database technology.

Saince sees a huge potential for this application in the market and it is keen to grow the app’s utility and launch it new markets. Raising funding is an option the company might consider in future but at the current time all growth is funded from internal sources.

Saince HealthTech is the India arm of the parent company and has its operations in Hyderabad.


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