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Cloudnine implements Stasis Smart Monitoring solution for childbirth safety

17 September 2018 | News

Cloudnine Hospitals partner with Stasis to implement the Stasis Smart, Continuous, Remote Monitoring Solution in surgical and pediatric ICUs across key centres in Bengaluru.

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Cloudnine has been a pioneer in the mother and child care space, and a leader in women's health. As Cloudnine looks to manage more high-risk pregnancies and complex gynecological & pediatric cases, patient safety becomes a critical part of care delivery. Now, Cloudnine is raising the bar in maternal and child safety by partnering with Stasis. By implementing Stasis Smart Monitoring Solution at Cloudnine's surgical and pediatric ICUs in Bengaluru, doctors will be able to ensure the safety of their patients at all times.

The Stasis Smart Monitoring Solution measures six key vitals signs and puts powerful long-term trends of the patient's condition on clinician’s smartphones. Doctors can access this data readily through the Stasis app to identify patient deterioration in real-time and intervene in a timely manner. Smart Alerts powered by proprietary Stasis AI adds an additional layer of monitoring to identify patient deterioration proactively. This partnership provides Cloudnine with the opportunity to continuously monitor all their patients and ensure the highest quality of proactive care.

Commenting on the development, Dr Kishore Kumar, Founder, and Chairman, Cloudnine said, "Innovative companies like Stasis help hospitals like Cloudnine to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are happy to be partnering with Stasis across our hospital network."

Cloudnine has always been an early adopter of medical technology that aids better patient care and improves the patient experience. Stasis and Cloudnine were able to work together on an early usability pilot funded by the IFC, part of the World Bank group, to implement and define the use case for smart monitoring in maternal care. Women with late-night deliveries and those with high-risk pregnancies were monitored using the Stasis Monitoring Solution. High blood pressure, a common risk indicator post-delivery, was monitored carefully with Stasis to ensure patient safety and stability.

"Using the Stasis Monitoring System has allowed me to get important notifications about the early warning score of my patients. The peace of mind about the patients' safety that comes with Stasis Monitoring System throughout the night is invaluable. Having 24 hours of high-resolution vital signs data at my fingertips and seeing the risk level of the patient has helped me confidently monitor and discharge my patients," said Ramachandra M A, Chief Anesthesiologist at Cloudnine.

"Cloudnine is one of the first maternity hospitals to adopt Stasis Monitoring Solution, especially when we started operations in India. They have always believed in the need for continuous monitoring of patients for proactive healthcare delivery. We, at Stasis, are very proud to partner with Cloudnine in their journey towards creating smarter hospitals," said Dinesh Seemakurty, CEO, Stasis.

The Stasis Monitoring Solution is currently being used across more than 20 hospitals including Fortis, Ramaiah, Columbia Asia, and HCG in India, with more than 500 doctors using the Stasis App to monitor their patients remotely. Cloudnine partnered with Stasis for a usability study funded by the World Bank Group through the TechEmerge program in 2017.


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