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Sievers, a multipurpose analyzer from Skytech Systems

12 April 2004 | News


Sievers, a multipurpose analyzer from Skytech Systems

It is often difficult to develop an accurate and specific method to quantify a particular component at the low residue levels associated with an easily rinsable cleaning agent. If a particular compound cannot be experimentally identified as a selective adsorber, then a single component analysis method is not applicable. Instead, a whole product analysis strategy such as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis coupled with other analysis can be used to determine the level of organic cleaning agent residue present. Skytech Systems has a product called Sievers model 800 designed for multipurpose analysis, which helps in analyzing TOC in ultra-pure water, DI water, raw water, cleaning validation samples. It can be used for both offline and online analysis. It is based on the ASTM approved technology of UV-Persulfate oxidation and membrane-conductivity detection. This technology eliminates interferences in TOC readings that occur due to presence of chlorides, nitrates, sulfates and THM's even in small ppb levels. It has a wide dynamic range of 0.05 ppb to 50,000 ppb with single point calibration. This calibration is very stable for a period of one year. Sievers provide IQ/OQ/PQ validation packages along with other accessories like precleaned vials, precleaned swabs and swab-sampling protocols.

For further details contact: skytech@bol.net.in

Evaporative air conditioning system from Purafil

In a hot environment where ambient heat control is difficult, cooling is accomplished by passing air that is cooler then the skin over the body. Evaporative coolers are suited for this purpose. This kind of cooling is commonly used to improve the environment for people, animals, plants and processes. Evaporative cooling can be energy efficient, environmentally benign and cost effective if the current technology and equipments are used. Purafil Engineers have come out with a novel evaporative air conditioning system. The cooling pads of this unit are made of cellulose-based paper engineered from cross-sectional specially treated flute media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiency. The cellulose media is treated with stiffening and anti-rot resins and is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water. This has applications in commercial and institutional buildings, foundries, poultry farms, animal and green houses, power plants, hotels, auditoriums, and other hot environments. "Purafil" undertakes turnkey jobs for design, fabrication, erection and commissioning of evaporative air-conditioning systems.

For further details contact: purafil@vsnl.net

MeasureTest Corp offers 3300 series of portable particle counters

Countering the air borne particles is key factor in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to maintain the standard and quality of the products. MeasureTest Corporation, a Mumbai based manufacturer and exporter of airborne particle counter offers Met One's Model 3313 and Model 3315 airborne particle counters which deliver a 1.0 cfm sampling rate with either 0.3 micron sensitivity (3313) or 0.5 micron sensitivity (3315). Operating from either AC mains or batteries, the 3300 series can provide continuous monitoring of clean areas, storing up to 2000 readings in its memory buffer. The stored data can be reviewed on the front panel, printed or downloaded to a computer. The built-in printer is standard. All six channels are displayed simultaneously on the front panel display, plus optional environmental sensor data, such as relative humidity, temperature or air velocity. Alarms can be set for all measurements. The operator can review stored records by using the scrollable display. Both ISO 14644-1 and Federal Standard 209E calculation modes are included, allowing stored data to be analyzed according to either standard. The enclosure can be either aluminum for lightness (7 kg) or stainless steel for environmental and chemical compatibility. The Model 3313 and Model 3315 from Met One are full-featured 1.0 cfm airborne counters that offer one important difference—portability as a battery-operated instrument.

For further details contact: sheesh@vsnl.com

Bry-Air introduces ECOSCRUB Air and Gas Purification System

The corrosion of delicate electronic components/electrical process controls results in production stoppages, increased production cost, higher maintenance budgets, lower productivity and sometimes, false signals and alarms. This corrosion is a result of, gaseous contaminates like hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, mercaptans, chlorine, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons etc., generally present in the exhaust process air.

The Bry-Air ECOSCRUB Air & Gas Purification System (AGP) for corrosion control of electronic/electrical process controls provides an ideal and cost effective solution to eliminate corrosion problems in industrial environments like pulp and paper mills, refineries and petrochemicals, steel and aluminum manufacturing plants, power generation plants, mining and metallurgy industries, chemical and cement plants, etc.

ECOSCRUB is available in four different models ranging from 500 CFM (850 CMH) to 2000 CFM (3400 CMH), both as pressurization as well as re-circulation modes. All ECOSCRUB units are designed to operate and maintain corrosive gas levels at 1 ppb or less.

For further details, contact: enquire@pahwa.com

Washing station from Pharmalab

As per GMP standards cleaning is a must in a validation process. Till today the washing was done manually and it was operator dependent. In biotechnology where hazardous products are handled, washing of container is more critical to prevent contamination of the environment and personnel. Now Pharmalab offers a close cabinet arrangement for washing containers, bins and vessels with different type of washing arrangement for washing it from inside and/or outside as required. Washing can be with air, with purified water or WFI water from inside and/or outside. If required Pharmalab is also equipped to provide a complete CIP cleaning system for internal wash. At the end of the cycle there is a provision for hot air drying with microbial retentive HEPA filter. (Heating arrangement can be electrically or steam heated through heat exchanger).

For further details contact: Santej@pharmalab.com








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