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Bayer Zydus launches app to manage endometriosis

03 February 2020 | News

Launches ‘Ask Tanu’ chatbot which is the first of its kind in India

In India, where women’s health remains a primary concern, access to credible and reliable information is often limited. Women in India suffer from several diseases that go unnoticed & undiagnosed due to lack of awareness. As a global leader in women’s health, Bayer believes that with the assistance of digital tools in the healthcare space, more women can be empowered to take ownership and manage their health and well-being on a more personalized level than ever before.

To address these unmet needs, Bayer Zydus Pharma has launched Bare Your Pain’, an application to help women better manage their endometriosis, as well as Ask Tanu’chatbot, which is the first of its kind in India to provide a reliable resource for advice on contraception and reproductive health.  

The ‘Bare Your Pain’ application targets a chronic and painful disease like endometriosis, which are known to affect ten per cent of women of childbearing age. About 176 million women suffer from it globally, and of these 26 million women belong to India alone. The application will enable endometriosis patients to better manage and monitor this chronic health condition. For many women in India, visiting the doctor for regular health check-ups is not a priority. This app would help empower women with the information to manage their disease at home, and also monitor the progression, which would, in turn, help them have better discussions and outcomes whenever they visit the doctor.

 “Disease management plays a very important role in Endometriosis. The condition can be managed well when the patient is better aware and is able to monitor the symptoms. In many cases, the patients are unable to provide a clear description of their present condition. Digital interventions in healthcare like the Bare Your Pain application will advance awareness levels and allow us to provide a better quality of life to patients,” said Dr. Narendra Malhotra, well - known Gynecologist and Obstetrician practising in Agra.

With half of the country’s population younger than 25 years of age, there is also a need to raise awareness on the use of contraception among the youth, and better family planning amongst young couples. Women often shy away from these conversations due to fear of being judged. ‘Ask Tanu chatbot aims to address misinformation on contraception, reproductive & sexual health, by offering key information and resources on reproductive health in the convenience of a smartphone via the Facebook Messenger app, in a safe and private setting.

“According to the NFHS 4 survey, 47% of the married women between 15-49 years did not use any method of family planning[iii][iv], which highlights the pressing need for raising awareness on the topic. Women generally feel more comfortable asking friends or looking up for information on the internet over sensitive topics. What Ask Tanu will provide them is one-on-one engagement online. This type of private service will encourage women to ask questions and get the right answers pertaining to their health conditions from a verified source. This will also prompt them to consult physicians if they have more pressing questions,” said Dr. Nozer Sheriar leading Obstetrician and Gynecologist based in Mumbai.

With almost nine decades of experience, Bayer has been a true pioneer in the field of women's health, and we are constantly seeking new ways to engage and empower women on the diseases impacting them,” said Manoj Saxena, Managing Director Bayer Zydus Pharma & South Asia Head at Bayer.“We recognize the power and reach of digital platforms today. The launch of Bare Your Pain App and Ask Tanu chatbot, will allow us to connect better and raise awareness amongst women across India. Both platforms will give women access to credible and reliable information anytime, anywhere without having to worry about possible stigma to make the right decisions.”

The ‘Bare Your Pain’ app and Ask Tanu’ chatbot will be able to provide 24/7 support and monitoring, along with sharing credible information, for women in India. Both tools are available across India in the English language.


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