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26 November 2021 | Features

A special feature for Startups as they continue to make India proud

image credit- shutterstock

image credit- shutterstock


We are happy to share with you that BioSpectrum has come up with a brand new opportunity for startups.

Starting from 1 September 2021, we have reserved a special space for you & for your venture on our website under a special mention- ‘#startup of the day!’


Watch this space to view all the details about the '#startup of the day!', running from every Monday to Friday.


01 September- Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd

02 September- Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd

03 September- NextGen Invitro Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

06 September- UnivLabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

07 September- Fitterfly

08 September- Noccarc

09 September- Dozee (Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd)

10 September- Infinita Biotech Pvt Ltd

13 September- Lil’ Goodness

14 September- Drunken Monkey

15 September- Shanmukha Innovations Pvt Ltd

16 September- Janani

17 September- Awsum

20 September- Blue Tribe Foods

21 September- Fitday Pvt Ltd

22 September- Craste

23 September- OZiva

24 September- Esperer Onco Nutrition Pvt Ltd

27 September- Vyaan Purifiers

28 September- Devic Earth

29 September- MFine

30 September- KareXpert Technologies Pvt Ltd

01 October- 4baseCare

04 October- Vandelay

05 October- AIRA Matrix

06 October- Keeo Life Pvt Ltd

07 October- Fidelity Health Services

08 October- MediBuddy

11 October- Sonde Health India Pvt Ltd

12 October- Pyramed

13 October- Tricog Health India Pvt Ltd

14 October- START Wellness

18 October- HaystackAnalytics Pvt Ltd

19 October- Stamurai

20 October- StanPlus

21 October- Ennoventure

22 October- Zeroplast Labs 

25 October- PathShodh Healthcare Pvt Ltd

26 October- MyFitness

27 October- Sukino Healthcare

28 October- MyDentalPlan Healthcare Pvt Ltd

29 October- Navia Life Care

01 November- Avni Consumer Care Products Pvt Ltd

02 November- QurHealth Solutions India Pvt Ltd

03 November- Medulance Healthcare

08 November- Alt foods

09 November- ProPlant Foods Pvt Ltd

10 November- Healpha

11 November- Kattu Foodtech

12 November- Medpho

15 November- Maypharm Lifesciences

16 November- DrinkPrime

17 November- MY LYF CARE

18 November- Lustral Water

19 November- NeuroEquilibrium Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd

22 November- Breathe Well-being

23 November- HealthCube

24 November- NovoBliss Research Pvt Ltd

25 November- Healthians

26 November- Fuelled Nutrition Pvt Ltd




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