Wednesday, 11 December 2019

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  • Health-Tech Startups – On the Road to reversing the Antibiotic Resistance crisis

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr Sudeshna Adak | 0 Comment | 14 Jun, 2019

    A farmer in a village in India is spiking fever. He goes to the local health center and gets a few pills. When the fever does not go away after two weeks and his condition has badly deterio...Read more

  • How biologics have brought a paradigm shift in treatment of psoriasis

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr. B.S. Chandrashekar | 0 Comment | 13 Jun, 2019

    In the year 1979, the scientific community began to evolve their understanding of psoriasis and it was found that the condition is ‘not just a skin disease’. The cause of this c...Read more

  • AI based health innovation in India - a legal perspective

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Deepa Kachroo Tiku; Dr. Pallavi Singh | 0 Comment | 06 Jun, 2019

    Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the simulation of intelligent human behavior in computers. AI, once a mere posterchild of sci-fi novels has now arrived with aplomb and is all set as a...Read more

  • Guiding you through Brain Tumor

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr. NK Venkataramana | 0 Comment | 06 Jun, 2019

    Brain Tumor is an additional growth that takes place from any of the intravenous structure starting from the bones, meningis, brain parenchyma, blood vessels of the brain and also metastati...Read more

  • Harnessing Technology for Healthcare - No More A Baby Step

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Prerana Shah-Panoli | 0 Comment | 03 Jun, 2019

    While the Indian healthcare sector is growing, it is still deprived of healthcare professionals, proper infrastructure and innovative research with efficient diagnostics and management for ...Read more

  • Smokeless tobacco and its impact on stroke

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Avi Kumar | 0 Comment | 30 May, 2019

    Cerebrovascular accidents are major cause of morbidity and mortality among all socioeconomic classes and is considered to be second leading cause of death, and the sixth most common cause o...Read more

  • Diabetes and Hypertension

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr Pradeep Gadge | 0 Comment | 18 May, 2019

    Diabetes and hypertension or high blood pressure go hand in hand. Many people with diabetes also have hypertension. Having these conditions together can make them both worse. Many a ti...Read more

  • Suffering from Ulcerative Colitis? Your pregnancy could be complicated!

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr Tariq Patel | 0 Comment | 14 May, 2019

    Ulcerative Colitis is an immunologically mediated disease in which the body’s immune system reacts to the inner most lining of the large intestine and Rectum. This happens due to gene...Read more

  • Smoking makes Rheumatoid Arthritis worse

    Articles/Features |  Views | 0 Comment | 13 May, 2019

    Smoking is harmful to your bones, joints and connective tissue as well. No matter what form of arthritis you have, you’ll be doing your joints and yourself a favor by quitting. Smokin...Read more

  • Holium Laser in Urology

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar | 0 Comment | 13 May, 2019

    After 5 years of extensive training in Urology, I have been in clinical practice for nearly 25 years. During and after training, we have witnessed many significant changes in the practice o...Read more

  • Understanding lupus better on World Lupus Day

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr Chethana Dharmapalaiah | 0 Comment | 10 May, 2019

    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or lupus is a chronic autoimmune condition. Our immune system goes haywire, produces auto antibodies that cause damage to healthy tissues like skin, joints...Read more

  • All that you need to know about Malaria

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Dr. Abizer Manked | 0 Comment | 09 May, 2019

    Malaria is a known potentially fatal disease that is caused due to a species of parasites, namely Plasmodium parasites. They are transmitted to people via bites by a female anopheles mosqui...Read more

  • Thalassemia and the Mark of Assurance

    Articles/Features |  Views | By Sumit Bagaria | 0 Comment | 07 May, 2019

    The poster from a distance looked predominantly red in colour and stated: “One pint of blood can save up to 3 lives”. Rina shifts her gaze to some finer prints at the bottom of ...Read more

  • On World Asthma Day, experts highlight the importance of asthma

    Articles/Features |  News | 1 Comment | 07 May, 2019

    With the aim to dispel myths and fears regarding asthma and encourage those affected by this condition to live a life without limits, with World Asthma Day, let’s eliminate the stigma...Read more

  • Innovations in Palliative Care: A Respite for Asthma Patients

    Articles/Features |  Features | 0 Comment | 07 May, 2019

    With breathlessness and cough spiking due to deteriorating air quality and rising pollution, airway diseases like asthma are affecting the old and the young cohort alike. In India alone, an...Read more

  • ICRA: Value of M&A deals in hospital sector jumped by 155%

    Articles/Features |  Reports/white papers | 0 Comment | 06 May, 2019

    The hospital sector has witnessed consolidation and a significant jump in M&A transactions, post the stress on performance of the sector due to regulatory restrictions. According to ICR...Read more

  • Nurturing Innovation: Empowering India

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Kalyani Sharma | 0 Comment | 03 May, 2019

    The National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2015-20 which was unveiled in the year 2015 aims to establish India as a world-class bio-manufacturing hub. It intends to launch a major miss...Read more

  • Understanding & managing Chronic Kidney Disease

    Articles/Features |  Features | By Dr. Suresh K. Bhagat | 0 Comment | 02 May, 2019

    The prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in India has doubled over the last decade, and over 5 lakh individuals in the country have been diagnosed with the disease. Out of these, only...Read more