Friday, 22 March 2019

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  • Patient Centric Approach is the new disruption

    Columns |  Features | By Anand Kumar Tiwari | 0 Comment | 20 Mar, 2019

    We all know that good health is the basic need of every human and therefore, people struggle to stay healthy and also intend to keep the members of their family healthy. Despite such strugg...Read more

  • How to heal through Aquatic therapy

    Columns |  Views | By Dr. Amit Kohli | 0 Comment | 13 Mar, 2019

    When it comes to women and taking care of their health, the focus has always been on weight loss. But what if you’re looking to get back in shape after pregnancy, or lower the chances...Read more

  • Wirelessly powering a Smart Pill from outside the body

    Columns |  Features | By Lisa Harvey | 0 Comment | 11 Mar, 2019

    Smart pills will change the way the medical professionals treat disease. Researchers are developing tiny capsules that can be placed within a patient to communicate vital information both t...Read more

  • Understanding Breast Cancer & Mammography

    Columns |  News | By Dr. Teena Sleeba | 0 Comment | 08 Mar, 2019

    Breast cancer is a global disease affecting women across age groups. With an annual incidence of approximately 1, 44,000 new cases of breast cancers in India, it has now become the most com...Read more

  • Is it time to “Check your Hearing”?

    Columns |  Features | By Medica Superspecialty Hospital | 0 Comment | 01 Mar, 2019

    On this World Hearing Day on 3rd March, World Health Organisation (WHO) has rightly suggested to “Check your hearing”! It notifies those who are living unknowingly affected...Read more

  • Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal Regeneration in the eye

    Columns |  Features | By Mr. VipulJain (CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 19 Feb, 2019

    Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal Regeneration- Sight is the most important aspect of everyone’s life as we are able to steer through our surroundings with ease with the help of our eyes....Read more

  • Blind spots, zig-zag lines, or seeing stars? It could be ‘The Ocular Migraine'

    Columns |  Views | By Dr Arindam Dey | 0 Comment | 15 Feb, 2019

    Flashes of light, shimmering stars and a fade to black. While this may sound like the climactic end to a sci fi movie, don’t be fooled. These are the symptoms people may experience wh...Read more

  • Better healthcare infrastructure, comprehensive planning for fighting cancer

    Columns |  Features | By Dr. Vivek Belathur | 0 Comment | 12 Feb, 2019

    Cancer cases in India will multiply five times by 2025 according to a report by the World Health Organization. Even after adjusting population growth, the new cancer cases have increased by...Read more

  • A Pap Smear Test or Liquid Based Cytology for detecting cervical cancer

    Columns |  Features | By Dr. Dimpy Irani | 0 Comment | 11 Feb, 2019

    A Pap smear test, also known as a Papanicolaou test/ Liquid Based Cytology (LBC), is a screening procedure to detect cervical cancer in women, which is caused by a sexually transm...Read more

  • Timely diagnosis can reduce lung cancer deaths

    Columns |  Features | By Dr Sandeep Sewlikar  | 0 Comment | 11 Feb, 2019

    We all know about breast cancer, oral cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer and lung cancer. What we may not know is that the cancer type afflicting the most number of people w...Read more

  • World Leprosy Day

    Columns |  Views | By Dr Swati Rajagopal | 0 Comment | 30 Jan, 2019

    According to the recent data recorded by World Health Organisation (WHO), India still accounts for 60% of global burden of leprosy. Despite the official claims of achieving eradic...Read more

  • Kidney Disease Treatment- Kidney disorders symptoms, types, treatment

    Columns |  Features | By Mr. Vipul Jain(CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 22 Jan, 2019

    Kidney Disease Treatment by Stem Cells- Kidney serves a vital function in the human body of filtering the excess of water, solutes, blood and waste products which need to be discharged from...Read more

  • What makes a Hip or Knee Transplant surgery Successful?

    Columns |  Views | By Dr. Aashish Chaudhry | 0 Comment | 17 Jan, 2019

    You can blame it on metal and the lack of accountability in the Indian healthcare sector, if hip or knee transplant goes wrong causing a very painful experience to the patients. Right from ...Read more

  • Evolution of Artificial Intelligence System in healthcare

    Columns |  Features | By Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar | 0 Comment | 19 Dec, 2018

    Healthcare and Medicine has evolved from the primitive "magic man" to the modern "Artificial Intelligence System". However, the question whether Doctors would be replaced by the Artificial ...Read more

  • Mortality due to heart diseases increases by 50% in winter

    Columns |  Features | 0 Comment | 17 Dec, 2018

    Studies conducted in western countries have shown that the number of heart attacks and related deaths are higher in winter months. The mortality rate due to heart attacks may be as much as ...Read more

  • The developing Mental Healthcare Industry in India

    Columns |  Features | By Tanya Vasunia | 0 Comment | 13 Dec, 2018

    Historically, mental health has been shrouded in secrecy in India. The relationship with mental healthcare has been inconsistent and neglected, if not completely ignored. It is unclear if t...Read more

  • Latest Angioplasty technique - A boon for renal failure patients

    Columns |  Features | By Dr. Karthik Vasudevan | 0 Comment | 12 Dec, 2018

    Coronary Angioplasty is a well-established treatment for blockages in the coronary arteries. When performed by an experienced operator in a center where it is routinely done, it is safe and...Read more

  • Alzheimer disease – the most common cause of dementia

    Columns |  Features | By Dr. Vishakhadatta Mathur Kumaraswamy | 0 Comment | 11 Dec, 2018

    Alzheimer disease is a neurological disorder that causes memory loss due to early death of brain cells. It is a condition that mostly arises in old age and keeps progressing with time. It a...Read more

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